10 Best Sega Games That Aren’t Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog is undoubtedly one of the best Sega games of all time. 

Sonic has been more than a video game foreign entire generation of players and has reason to be something of a cultural phenomenon.

Sega games are known for their alluring graphics, great structure, and strikingly appealing central characters around which fast-paced, engaging gameplay is built. 

Therefore, it is not a thing of surprise that Sega games include within their production several other compelling and enjoyable creations. This article brings to you the 10 best Sega games list.

10 best Sega games of all time

  1. House of the dead

A fast-paced Arcade-style rail shooting gameplay that involves – you guessed it – a zombie apocalypse. 

As professional and semiprofessional gamers with an interest in retro games, you might enjoy its original 1994 version.

  1. Crazy taxi

This game has to be the epitome of what the 1990 graphics world was all about. 

Merging the 2D animation art from the East with the developing CGI 3D graphics of the west and adding to them a splash of a vibrant color palette, crazy taxi is a light-hearted, adrenal-inducing experience.

  1. Herzog Zwei

Herzog Zwei was one of the earliest attempts at graphical revolution in the video game genre. 

It was originally launched for MSX and PC-88 01 personal computers. It is a strategic shooting game, with an analytically designed display that will refresh the modern player.

  1. Gunstar Heroes

This smash hit was a result of a collaboration of the Sega with Treasure ( a Konami group of developers) and thus contains an element of retro-style fictional characters that were popular back in those days. 

The simple movements and pixelated graphics were one of the major games that brought Sega popularity. 

  1. Space Harrier

If you were a great fan of Sonic all your life, you will like the Space Harrier. 

It is a 1985 released airplane game set in a fantasy land that includes unique animals and Sci-Fi characters and 18 intense levels that the player has to navigate through. 

The engaging fantasy world in this gameplay is known as Dragon World.

  1. Ecco the Dolphin

Fans of the Sonic genesis swear by the impact of this game. 

If as a player you want to experience the journey of video games to the present-day complexity and structure, symbolic steps like the crafting of Ecco the dolphin is something that you must understand on a first-person level. 

And what is the best way to do that but to play the game itself?

  1. NiGHTS

NiGHTS is another game that you will without a doubt enjoy if you have been following Sonic The Hedgehog through all its versions all these years. 

This game was developed as one of the earliest 3D creations of Sega, and therefore carries the fluid, lucid dream-like navigation that games those days were popular for.

  1. Joe Montana Football

This is not a game, it is a time travel into the past of how the super stagnant popularity of modern football games originated. 

Joe Montana Football has over the years come to influence several games integrating the early, feature phone games and even the more popular John Madden Football.

  1. Streets of Rage

With the rise of Anime into mainstream streaming habits these days, Anime graphics and storylines have also made a comeback in the video game industry. 

Therefore, there can rarely be a better time for you as a gamer to experience the streets of rage franchise. It is full of strong characters, emotional engagement, and impactful weapons.

  1. Shenmue

Another perfect way of experiencing vintage gaming through a creation that draws direct parallels with the Anime industry is by playing Shenmue. 

Last but not least, this is one of the lesser-known but best games made by Sega, perfect for players who dig a captivating storyline and complex characters in their gameplay.


Retro gaming is making headway into mainstream interests these days. The best Sega games explore have even with simple structures and elements, memorable and impactful gaming can be achieved for one and all.

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