Nvidia Creates A Stunning Buckingham Palace In The Minecraft

In today’s gaming scenario, it is very difficult to find someone who has not played or has not heard about the game called “Minecraft”.

Presently, everyone has heard about the game and at least is aware of it in some context. This is a video game that has almost infinite replay value.

This game has become very popular and has surpassed the expectation that people had when it was released ten years back for the first time. In this game, you need to construct buildings, gadgets, and works of art.

This week, Queen Elizabeth II is about to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee on the completion of her 70th year of service to the people of the United Kingdom. For this marvelous occasion, NVIDIA has designed a street party inside Minecraft.

This has been commissioned by the GPU titans NVIDIA. Along with all the bunch of decorations on the streets, they are also celebrating the Platinum Jubilee virtually by recreating Buckingham Palace inside the game.

According to sources, the full palace covers an area of almost 830,000 square feet. To make this project successful, designers had to work for 650 hours and this consists of approximately 45 million blocks

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game that allows the players to build or break something by using different types of blocks in a three-dimensional world.

This game allows the players to do anything that they want to do. It has been published by Mojang Studios, Xbox, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Wonders of Buckingham Palace in Minecraft

The British language is very rarely a subject of a detailed project in Mojang’s Sandbox Game. But when it is used as a subject, it is designed in the most stunning way which blows away the mind of those people who play the game.

It was not a very long time ago when Minecraft players used to create a 1:1 scale for the whole of the United Kingdom. From today’s date, it is still a long way to go. Presently, MapHub is showing that only some cities and other parts have been completed. But it looks like it is well in progress.

The Green Team has not done something with Minecraft for the very first time. Last year, towards the end, NVIDIA helped to raise a fund for the Great Ormand Street Hospital by using the Minecraft Winter Showcase as its medium.

The time at which the map was released in the game, was the winter season and was also the time for Christmas. Thus it naturally had Christmas Vibes in it. It was a showcase for some excellent building talent and it also showed that gaming can also be used for charity works.


Minecraft is one of the most played games of the year 2022 so far. This fact is enough to demonstrate how huge the game is.

And the players will be happy to know that they can celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II even if they are not British. They can do so in the game itself which provides them with a wonderful experience of a blocky and low-res world.

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