A Walk Around On Junker King Of Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has won fans’ hearts with its production and gameplay of the Junker queen. The Junker Queen is also boasting of herself as the overwatch 2’s newest tank hero. 

Junker Queen’s success and how the storyline plays out have fans wondering about overwatch 2’s junker king revival. 

Undoubtedly, Junker King is Overwatch 2’s main focus. 

Recently, when during Overwatch 2’s live event Blizzard released detailed videography of the Junker Queen’s character abilities and her origin story, there was a shot that did not evade players’ attention – a scene with the vision of the Junkertown’s former ruler, the Junker King.

Who is the Junker King?

Junker King’s original name is Mason Howl. The Junker King is the ruler of Junkertown who has famously remained undefeated for a long time. Our Junker Queen is his major opponent, who is a great fighter and a merciless cut-throat. 

Junker Queen’s major aim is to raise the social ladder until she can overthrow the king himself to take his place and establish a new order that revolves around her. She has a lot of enemies including a couple of transgressors, Roadhog, and Junk art.

For the Junker King, the Junker Queen’s arrival proves to be his last moment on The throne which he has kept for the past 13 years without any issue.

What happens to the Junker King?

The Junker Queen takes over the throne of junker town with her followers Geiger and Meri in an event termed ‘The Reckoning’. At the end of the animated sequence, it is shown that the Junker King is thrown into the desert and left to his own devices without any resources except a small vial of water. 

Junker Queen has found her revenge. However, most fans think that the fact that the shot ends here means that there is more to come to the story of the Junker King and that he will not perish in the desert without a follow-up. 

As of now, however, it is clear that the king has been banished from ever entering junker town in his entire life.

However, we do not know how exactly the character of the Junker King would be created and integrated into the gameplay. 

It is quite possible that the storyline would not have the king as a formidable enemy or the villain of the storyline but instead only up a playable character or a secondary plot point while Junkrat takes the centre stage. 

Oh, the queen does exile Junkrat and Roadhog from the kingdom. 

Most fans think that killing the King off would not be as much fun as giving him a playable or instead a formidable, larger-than-life comeback. 

This would be especially interesting since Overwatch 2 is launching on several platforms such as PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox series X, and even PC versions. 

However, since the storyline does not majorly focus on throne battles until and unless extremely necessary, reintroducing the Junker King my district players from the original target of the storyline. 

Hence, if the character of the Junker King has to stay, it will have to be deeply enmeshed in the existing goal and structure of what the game is all about.


Overwatch 2 has built up solid gameplay with a striking and compelling storyline. It is exactly these hold-ups and teasers that are drawing more and more players into the world of overwatch 2. 

We can expect more layers and complexities added to the story in the future. Furthermore, it can be speculated that several characters like Howl will keep making comebacks to enrich the plot of the game.

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