All You Need To Know About Spellforce 3: Reinforced

So the wait is over and the Spellforce 3 Reinforced is almost here. Spellforce III Reinforced is a unique combination of easy real-time strategy features and a grand RPG storyline. 

It has been designed for the same thrilling experience of consoles for both enthusiasts and newbies.

The complete edition of this game has been developed by Gilmore Games which provides more than 60 hours of the three-story campaign.

Release Date of Spellforce 3 Reinforced

Gilmore Games and the publisher, THQ Nordic wanted to make sure that the game is at its best before it is released. That’s why they had delayed the release of the game. Thus they announced that the game will be released on the 7th of June, 2022, Tuesday.

Overview Of Spellforce 3 Reinforced

The game has been based on when the Crown put an end to the revolt of the rogue mages known as the Mage War in the year 518. This was a Pyrrhic victory though. 

Just because there are RPG elements in the game, it offers a variety of options for character customization. You can play this game in single-player mode as well as multiplayer cooperative mode. 

It allows you to create a diverse group of companions and also customize them. This feature will allow you to improve your power and put an impact on the main story of the game.

Features of SpellForce 3 Reinforced

This game brings to you three brand new modes – Journey Mode, Arena Mode, and Journey Skirmish. It includes some more features, like:-

  • Innovative Mix 

A unique blend of RTS and RPG naturally.

  • Create and Customize 

You can create your heroes and choose different skills.

  • Built to Fight 

You can raise your army and fight epic battles.

  • Wonderful Storyline 

This game has an epic storyline which allows you to enjoy the game a lot more.

  • Make new friends 

You can assemble your party from a diverse group of companions and it will improve your skills and impact the narrative. 

  • Choose your Side 

You get to choose, strengthen and command any one of the three categories: Elves, Orcs, and Humans. 

  • Experience of a New Tale 

You get to enjoy a lot of campaigns on your own or with friends and face opponents with a variety of skills in online battles.

  • Multiplayer Feature 

This game provides you with a wonderful multiplayer platform in various modes.

Platform and Prices of SpellForce 3 Reinforced

This have have already been made available for PC and will soon be available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X at a price of around $40. 

Also, it will be available with two new expansions – Soul Harvest and Fallen God. Both these expansions will be priced at around $20. 

Both these expansions will be available with their single-player campaigns with over 30 hours of gameplay. Thus the complete edition will be available at a price of around $60.


Thus you can enjoy this excellent game at a reasonable price. The creators of this game have done an outstanding job and you will have a great time playing this single-player as well as a multiplayer game.

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