Are Overwatch Developers Developing The Next Hero Balance?

Recently it was seen that the whole team Overwatch hosted a live AMA in which they were going to talk about the latest Overwatch League pro the next game from their side. It was tested by them a couple of days ago hosting the life. 

In that live session hosted by the whole team, there was the lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman, and another Hero Designer named Josh Noh.

They were addressing all the questions that were circulating in the gaming community about the particular new game which is about to get a release. 

In case you have missed any of the parts of your life then you do not have to worry. We are going to mention all the important things that were revealed by the team in that particular life.

Reworks on the Heroes Bastion and Sombra

As it could be seen in the life hosted by the whole team it is safe to assume that the whole team of developers is very happy with the reworks and the progress that has been made. It can be said that with the new tool kit used for the hero Bastion the whole team is satisfied. 

Geoff Goodman especially talked about the hero in a very detailed manner. In the things, he said he mentioned all the things that Bastion was capable of doing and what things were used to balance out the goods and give him weaknesses so that he does not become practically undefeatable in the game.

The playtest which was conducted by the lead designers allowed some pros of the community of Hero Balance to play with the new heroes Bastion and Sombra. They were very eager to see how they will work in the hands of the professionals of the game. Geoff also addressed this by saying that in the playtest the pros were very comfortable playing with the new heroes because of their incredible game sense and skills. 

To make this a little harder, they are adjusting the statistics of the new characters. Once the adjusting will be done the players will be informed about that.

Role change for Doomfist

During the live session, it was not clearly said by any of the members of the team but Geoff hinted at something very exciting if the assumption is true. The lead Hero Designer hinted that the team is also experimenting by changing the roles of different heroes to give the game a fresh look and a fresh change. 

One of the notable ones is Doomfist. It is assumed that the team will be for sure thinking of changing the role of Doomfist. It is very possible because of the amazing statistics of the hero. 

The kit that is used for Doomfist is full of crowd control and mobility which will make it very hard for players to balance the hero as a DPS in future PvP, so it is assumed that the hero will be changed to a tank role in the game.


So these are the most important things that have been mentioned by the whole team of developers of Overwatch.

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