Best Grenade Spots Dust 2- CSGO

CSGO stands for “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and it is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game.

It was created by Valve and hidden path entertainment as it is the fourth game introduced in the counter-strike series.

Regardless of the map that you prefer in CSGO, it is essential to look for the best grenade spots dust 2. 

Before that, you must know that certain factors of the game might separate you from the rest of the lobby.

During a match, you should be aimed towards gaining information regarding the map so you can stay beat the competitors.

There is a higher possibility of dealing with a one-vs-one situation where using grenades is a perfect thing.

Throwing a quick grenade toward the decided location where you want to free up some space will be helpful.

With the throwables like grenades, Molotov, and smoke, you can easily clear out the vital locations without showing yourself to the opponent team.

In this guide, we are going to uncover some best grenade spots dust 2 that allow you to the flank enemy and boost your game performance.

best grenade spots dust 2

A list of best grenade spots dust 2:

Long A corner smoke: –

A lot of CSGO lovers want to play rush games toward the A-side. Here you should use the long corner smoke that is going to elevate the possibility of getting through the long doors. With the proper execution, you can get blocked CT’s vision flexibility.

With this, you will be able to push through the long unscratched doors. With the help of the perfect grenade spots dust 2, you can blindly spam through without any hassle.

There’s a T-spawn location where you should move towards the right side of the building that is present close to the outside long.

Players are going to see the pipe stick to a wall and you should be aimed toward the second valve. Once you are done throwing smoke now you can jump to move further.

Try to throw smoke between the blue and the side pit while covering the vision to eliminate the possibility of getting noticed by other players.

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The Xbox smoke: –

The creators CSGO have given the latest and major updates regarding the maps. After the updates, the mid-AWP duels aren’t easy to pull off due to the availability of T-spawn.

The T-spawn middle is getting blocked and dynamic middle change taking over might take place.

However, if you are playing from the attacking side then it is essential to smoke off the Xbox. It enables players to take short freely without any barriers and hassle. This is the faster and easier way of executing the smoke grenade.

Here the players just need to stand by the edge of the wall that is present near T-spawn. After that aim towards the middle window of the building in front. Once you are done with it then jump and release grade as it is the best grenade spots dust 2.

This will land perfectly in the middle of Xbox and it can easily block the vision of enemies. With this, you can watch their exact location and prefer taking steps accordingly to combat enemies and clear the area.

The deep CT cross smoke: 

In this area, players need to think faster once they are one finding the long A as the T side. These are the opportunities given to CT players that are present on the B side. They are required to begin running toward the A side and block the enemy’s vision.

The deep CT cross smoke is one of the best grenade spots dust 2. It will enable you to cover the sight from where the player takes a peek.

It is a sight that is present below short A and is a perfect location for enemies to take a closer look at your moves.

So, to block their views using a smoke grenade is a great thing. After that, you need to aim toward the antenna and throw smoke without running or jumping.

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New car molly: 

The revamp of Dust in CSGO is the new position of the car that is exploited by multiple players. It is perfect for them as it serves sufficient coverage regarding the entrance area from A long that other players cannot see.

So, clearing such an area is essential to get a robust and perfect position in the game. It is an essential take that you should before taking or retaking bombsite A.

Clearing such an area is easier than you think as it serves lined up an incendiary or Molotov grenade from A long.

If the CSGO players can stand on the long barrel and conveniently throw Molotov lined up. it can easily spread fire in the new car position that easily flushes out the hidden player.

The gamers need to jump and throw to get better results. The Molotov is a great option that offers remarkable results as it can cause severe damage to enemies which gives us paramount reason to prefer it.

Mid to B smoke: 

if you are an experienced CSGO player then you probably wish to go to the bombsite B which is below the overhanging arch.

But there’s already an ambush waiting for you to greet with bullets from CT spawn and B side.

In order to eliminate the possibility of getting shot from the CT spawn then you should jump onto the pallet.

After that jump to the box and line up the crosshair in the accurate position. Once you are done with it then jump and use throwables like a smoke grenade.

This will completely block the vision of counter-terrorists who are present in the CT spawn. By using such an amazing throwable you are forcing them to come outside and that is your chance to stop them from entering again.

There are multiple different locations on the CSGO map is present. But it is better to gain information regarding them to pick out the personal preference for better results.

best grenade spots dust 2

The “HE grenade spots” in CSGO: 

Before we begin you must know that the HE grenades are donated as one of the most powerful grenades in CSGO. It can easily cause severe damage and ensure providing high-area effect.

But during the game, you get only one HE grenade so a player needs to make each throw count. Here are some best spots where you can prefer to use such an amazing grenade.

A short: –

We all know that HE grenades cause severe damage but in order to get admired results using them correctly is essential.

Throwing the right one into A short is the perfect thing for players so that they can rush to CT spawn.

By using it they can eliminate the possibility of any terrorist getting near A which is the best grenade spots dust 2. let’s head towards the following details to understand how to do it.

  • Rush toward under A.
  • Stand on the boxes present in the corner.
  • Put aim toward the left building and then left click to throw.

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Lower tunnels: –

The lower tunnels are present in dust 2 commonly rife with enemies who want to camp or stay hidden.

These players prefer sudden attacks that boost the possibility of facing dangerous locations. So, players need to use the HE grenade perfectly.

It is important to clear out the locations like lower tunnels that reduces threat and allows you to push through take cover the control. The listed points can help you to do it exquisitely.

  • Rush towards the lower tunnels and stand near the doors under the streetlight.
  • Now you need to aim toward the top of the tower.
  • After that left click to throw the HE grenade on top of the tower.

B main: –

Here comes the primary grenade spot for CSGO lovers as it can easily stop enemies from rushing towards B main.

It is perfect for the ones who want to use the Molotov and HE grenade. Here’s how you can combat the rushers present in B main.

  • Go near the B doors and look through to B main.
  • Now you can aim and throw a Molotov which is optional.
  • Aim to the B main and then left-click to throw the HE grenade.
  • Rush to B with your entire team and eliminate any remaining enemies.

Eliminate campers: –

Multiple players prefer the rush gameplay to enjoy the games to the fullest. But there are others who want to camp and look for competitors and eliminate them.

There are a few perfect locations for campers are present where they can hide like long doors and more. These places are denoted as the perfect way to wipe out competitors before they can fire shots.

It is the time when you should use the HE grenade as it comes in handy and provides remarkable results.

With this, you can cause severe damage to the area and kill the camper. The forthcoming points can help you to take out the campers without hustling a lot.

  • Go to the A long doors and stay out of sight.
  • Get ready and aim toward the wall while using the grenade or Molotov.
  • Now throw and be ready to rush

These are the remarkable and best grenade spots dust 2 maps in CSGO. It is allowing players to get to know about the game and the location of campers.

So you can easily remove them without hustling a lot. It boosts the possibility of winning the match.

Removing campers is an important task to ensure a long run in a game. There are different types of throwables are present like smoke grenades, HE grenades, Molotov, and more.

If you want to make a huge impact on a specific place then an HE grenade will be helpful.

But if you want to clear the admired location while being close to it then use Molotov. However, smoke grenades help you to clear the path and rush to combat enemies. Numerous throwables in CSGO have different uses and robust impacts.

best grenade spots dust 2

A site Molotov: 

There are a lot of different gamers present who prefer Molotov more than anything else. So, to get it done like a pro it is better to have sufficient information regarding a location. According to experts, it is better to use A site that is a perfect location for campers.

Throwing Molotov at A site will enable you to give an unwanted surprise to campers. With the help of such an amazing throwable, you can easily lure them out. When you want to push via shortstop then look at the left wall and aim.

It is better to aim at the bottom of the stair and get ready to throw it and start pushing. A site is denoted as the most tactical smoke and grenade location on dust 2. But players can throw more effectively by trusting their guts and skills.

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What is the reason for playing CSGO?

The CSGO is a highly entertaining game that is between two teams that are the terrorists and counter-terrorists. Both of them will compete in multiple game modes to complete the objectives on multiple maps.

The gamers are going to get rewards if they win a match and they can get rewarded for remarkable game performance as well. Players earn virtual currency that they can spend in-game to purchase utility and useful weapons.

Is it important to get the best grenade spots dust 2 maps?

Yes! Finding out the exquisite location for the best grenade spots dust 2 is essential. It can help you to remove the campers and elevate the winning possibilities.

Players can use different types of throwables but if you want to make a significant impact on a place in-game then “HE grenade” is a great option.

How often you can use “HE grenade”?

You can get an HE grenade in CSGO one time so ensure having a perfect aim to obtain better results. If you run out of grenades then Molotov can provide expected outlets but ensure having an exquisite aim.

Wrap Up

CSGO is a highly entertaining game with easier winning possibilities. But gamers should have adequate information regarding different grenade spots to get favorable outcomes.

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