Blizzard Trying To Improve Its Community With The New Social Contract

The latest social contract has been added in the 9.2.5 patch introduced for the online game – World of Warcraft. This social contract tells the new players to play nicely when they login into the game for the first time.

This contract may be the solution to the toxicity that prevails in World of Warcraft. It simply asks the people to be polite and not be so toxic.

Blizzard is showing off the first iteration of the latest contract they have introduced. This contract is laying out some important guidelines for the players who choose to enter Azeroth and they are bound to agree to the contract to play the game.

By introducing this contract, Blizzard is aiming to build a community where every player is welcome, no matter from which background they are coming.

To be specific, this new social contract introduced in the 9.2.5 patch requests the players to be good to their fellow gamers. Experienced gamers must be ready to help newcomers by clearing their questions and helping them with various activities.

Players who do not abide by this contract will have their accounts suspended. They are not allowed to bully others, spread any kind of hate, perform any kind of spamming or use abusive comments.

This step taken by Blizzard is a big step if for a game that is known for its extremely toxic community. This contract is only valid if Blizzard is willing to enforce all the terms and conditions.

How does this affect World of Warcraft?                 

To be honest, this contract will not be affecting the game much because the players are just required to click on the “I Agree” button before logging into the game.

They will not have any sort of compulsion to listen to the terms and conditions of the social contract until and unless there is repercussion from Blizzard.

If the new contract is not enforced actively, it will be of no use. But even if this contract is not enforced properly by Blizzard, it will help in improving the toxic community in the long run.

Every online game has a toxic community and so does World of Warcraft. The new players who start playing the game and learn the game are often hated and given negative votes along with hate comments.

If a player has not become a master yet in the mechanics of a boss creature in a dungeon or has mastered playing a lot of PvP, then they are showered with harassment in the in-game chat.

If this practice prevails in the game, then the game becomes more unwelcoming for newcomers. This social contract is an attempt to go against all these and make the game a more welcoming one.


Although this contract is just a minor step taken by Blizzard, if it is supported, then it will improve the game community a lot. We will come to know as time passes by if this contract is helpful enough or if is it a total failure.

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