Let’s Talk About Some Bugs In Online Features In Nintendo

Recently, Nintendo has come under scrutiny for several bugs that popped up in their online features. Gamers and enthusiasts have noted this problem especially with Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, a game in Nintendo’s online expansion pack subscription.

Nintendo had responded professionally and had committed itself to fix this bug very soon.

What bug has been found in the N64 emulation and what is the Kirby Bug

A bug has been found in the Kirby 64: The crystal shards. This is not the only time that players have noticed that many of the classic online games perform very poorly on Nintendo’s modern console.

Some unwelcome changes have also been noticed. What makes the matter worse is that these games come as a part of the premium feature called Nintendo Switch Online which cost the user $50 per annum.

The recent bug that caused an uproar in the gaming world as a part of The Kirby 64 game stops users in critical time frames and they are unable to move if hit by enemies and certain items in the game’s underwater levels. People have to exit the game and lose progress to free themselves from the bugs’ paralyzing effect.

Users say that such an issue never arose on the original version of the game or any other ports available for gaming.

What other issues have cropped up in the Nintendo switch online N64 games?

The issues plaguing gamers on Nintendo’s online switch are only one too many.

  • Players have often noted crashes and lags on the online gaming platform.
  • Certain save-file deleting bugs have resulted in the loss of progress on a variety of N64 games.
  • Games like Mario Kart 64 do not let you save ghost data. Originally ghost data was saved using the N64 Controller Pak. But there is no slot for a Controller Pak in the Switch’s new controller.
  • In several games like Sin and Punishment, the face buttons have been remapped and the yellow controller buttons have lost out on several abilities.
  • Other than input lag issues, problems like sound delays, frame rate issues, and underperforming controller layouts also irk the players.
  • Some games on the pack do not perform as compelling Lee in the graphics arena as they did in the original version which has led to decreased user satisfaction. Graphic delays are also hilariously common.

All these issues make it a subscription that is barely worth the money. Nintendo games are widely popular and have been so for a long time.

Uses are resorting to hacks and other temporary solutions to solve the problem. Mostly these issues are tied to nothing more than lazy emulation and bad port choices. 

Nintendo is aiming to solve all these issues as soon as possible and users sure are looking forward to a better experience.


Recently it has come to everyone’s attention that most online subscription platforms for gaming including the PlayStation face similar criticism for underperformance.

Since all these companies wish to tap into the relevancy of the internet-based gaming arena, we can expect them to step their game (or rather ‘games’ as in this case) up a few notches very soon.

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