Changing The Name Of Your Ship In Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has become a very famous ocean-based pirate game. In this game, you need to sail across the seas and fight against the enemies and defeat them. 

There are various types of enemies that you will encounter like skeletons, sea creatures, and also some other pirate players who may come your way. Now you can name your ship in this game. 

Why do you need a ship name?

Like any other good pirate ship, your ship should also have a good name. The Name Generator with the new update in Sea of Thieves will help you to do the same.

These generators will give you lots of ideas for generating lots of great pirate ship name ideas. 

The players who consider their expedition to be more serious also have an option of generating a standard name for the ship.

But to be honest, no one would like to have a normal name when the game is all about pirates. 

How do you change the name of your Ship?                             

Names are a very important part of your pirate ship. But, this is not a core part of the game in the mechanics of Sea of Thieves.

There is no authentic in-game method of giving a name to a ship that is visible to other players. Also, you can see this name only while you are playing the game.

For a moment, the only way that you have for giving a name to your ship in Sea of Thieves is to apply the name on your own.

It is just like the way that you need to apply the fictitious pirate crew name for your friends who are also playing the game along with you.

You can name your ship only when the Captaincy Update is out. Once this update has been released, players will be allowed to purchase ships of their own, give a wonderful name to them and also decorate the cabin of the ship with lavish trimmings. Players can also save the customizations in between the sessions. 

The captaincy update was first set to be released as one of the game’s post-launch updates. As soon as this update is released, the Pirate Legends will get the freedom to create their legendary ships and also give a proper name to them.

So that they can make an identity of their own on the waves. It will also provide the players a Legendary Hideout and make a grand entry on the main map.

More Features of the Update

In this update, the captains will be able to make a choice in their paths, gain some unique rewards and make use of the new cash-in points while they are sailing through the sea.

All the specifications of the feature are yet to be revealed as the update is yet to be released on July 21st.


All we have to do now is to wait patiently for the update. Once the update is out, you can become the pirate that you want.

Name your ship, make a break of the pirate code in the game and explore it more to become a legend.

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