Collaboration between Web 3 Gaming And Web 2 Gaming Platform

Web 3 gaming Pioneer MonkeyLeague and Web 2 gaming now has been breaking records left and right for a long time now individually. 

At some point we all wanted these two to come together and give the gaming industry a much bigger and better experience.

We all wanted to experience what these two together can achieve and we’re unable to provide to us individually. 

It seems that our wish is going to be fulfilled. How? 

They have announced to be coming together and collaborating on a project to give us the bigger-than-life experience that we all wanted to experience. 

So, in this article, the main topic of today will be what they are planning to bring together.

Let’s read the article thoroughly to know how Web3 gaming Pioneer Monkey league is teaming up with Web2 gaming Platform BUFF.

The things coming with the collaboration

With Web3 something is lacking and the audience also feels the same way. And the thing is the appeal of nonfungible tokens. You agree with that, right? 

The collaboration is most expected to introduce new MonkeyLeague NFTs to the BUFF community which guarantees to bring more appeal towards the Non Fungible Tokens and also the Web3 potential. 

Web3 Gaming Pioneer MonekyLeague has been for a long time taking the limits of GameFi higher exponentially. 

After seeking great partnership deals with the heavyweights or the most anticipated companies like UNIX Gaming, Avocado DAO, Breeder DAO, YGG, and many other amazing names in the industry now it is time for them to take a step further with the ultimate collaboration with the Web2 space. 

Web2 BUFF gaming platform is known to be designed and created by gamers for gamers around the world. The platform rewards the players on it for playing their favorite games. 

So it is believed that the endeavor of taking this Web2 gaming space to the Web3 is the ultimate objective and if executed perfectly will result in a much more successful journey.

What are the things that will go on in the collaboration?

With the collaboration bringing new things to make the game feel fresh is absolutely an important thing to do but another important thing is to keep the things that made the Web2 gaming BUFF platform popular amongst the fans. 

This will help the company to retain a lot of previous users and also give them the feeling of what they felt with new things added to it.

And being able to recover the fan base should be the priority because as the statistics show there are a total of 6 million people on this BUFF gaming platform. 

A total of 430,000 players play actively every day to earn money while playing and it happens in over 3 million game instances.

These are huge numbers and being able to retain most of them will already make this collaboration a success. 

Currently, this BUFF gaming platform is on top of the gaming industry and the collaboration has a chance of making it to be the most used platform in the world.


These are all the information available about the collaboration happening between Web3 gaming Pioneer MonekyLeague and Web2 gaming Platform BUFF.

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