Best Counters And Weakness Of Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

The discussion will be around the strongest counters possessed by Mewtwo and the weaknesses the Pokemon has in the game.

Pokemon Go is one of the most anticipated and popular games in the anime named Pokemon. In the game, players can experience the life of a Pokemon trainer virtually. 

The gameplay is very dope and that is what makes this game even more popular among the fans. There are all the pokemon available in the game but one popular Pokemon is there. 

This Pokemon was classified in the anime as one of the strongest Pokemon to be there. A total anime film was made about this Pokemon. The Pokemon we are talking about is Mewtwo and in the game also this Pokemon is one of the strongest. 

The best Counters of Mewtwo

There are a lot of attacks that these extremely powerful Pokemon possess and we would have mentioned all of them but that would be too long. Instead, we are going to create a list of the best attacks and counters that are possessed by this Pokemon and give a brief description of every attack in the game.

The counters against pokemon which are dark:

  • Houndoom- It is an attack of snarl and crunch.
  • Tyranitar- While performing this the Pokemon will bite the opponent which will result in a crunch effect.
  • Absol- It is yet another snarl attack that causes a dark pulse.
  • Weavile- It is a snarling attack of avalanche effect.
  • Bisharp- same as absol but requires less time to perform the attack and also causes less damage to the opponent.
  • Zaroark- It is considered foul play but it is a snarling attack in the inventory of the Pokemon.

The counters against Ghost pokemon:

  • Gengar- Lick attack and the shadow ball attack.
  • Banette- Hex attack and Shadow Ball attack.
  • Mismagius- Hex attack and Shadow Ball attack.
  • Origin Forme Giratina- Shadow Claw attack and Shadow Ball attack.
  • Chandelure- Hex attack and Shadow Ball attack.

The counters against Bug-type Pokemon:

  • Mega Beedrill- Bug bite attack and X- Scissor attack.
  • Pinsir- Bug bite attack and X- Scissor attack.
  • Scizor- Fury Cutter attack and X- Scissor attack.
  • Escavellar- Bug bite attack and Mega Horn attack.
  • Genesect- Fury Cutter attack and X- Scissor attack.

Mewtwo’s weaknesses in the game

To balance things up and not make Mewtwo an invincible Pokemon in the game the developers have given the Pokemon some obvious weaknesses.

If you are up against Mewtwo then you can use these weaknesses to defeat the opponent not easily but after a hard fight. 

Like the fight will be hard against Mewtwo but it is possible to beat the Pokemon. As Mewtwo is a psychic type Pokemon you can use bug type, dark type, or ghost type against it. 

Yes, it has some counters to those pokemon but these pokemon are the strongest against Mewtwo. The best one to go with is the dark pokemon as they are the most effective.


Here are the things that you needed to know about Mewtwo. This information will help you even if you are against Pokemon or playing with it.

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