Possible Crossover Between Mortal Combat And Street Fighter

Street fighter, you know the name. The game gave a big boost to games of the fighting genre. Ryu and Chun-Li the characters of Street Fighter have become emotions for many of us. 

All the incredible combat games that come out nowadays are because of Street Fighter, the franchise that created the market for games of the fighting genre. The first-ever game of the franchise turned 30 years old in 2022. 

To celebrate this milestone of the franchise the characters Ryu and Chun Li have had appearances in the modern-day banger Fortnite game. There are a lot of games that these two characters have appeared in. 

They had cross-overs with many different characters like the power rangers, the cast of Tekken, and even the Marvel superheroes in the game. But one thing is remaining to happen and that is the dream crossover.

Is the crossover between Street Fighter and Mortal Combat going to happen?

Mortal Combat is another fighting game that is in the heart of many people. The dream of many people is to see Street Fighter characters go head to head with the Mortal Combat characters. 

And since there have already been so many cross-overs of the Street Fighters with other game franchises fans have become more demanding.

These two franchises have indeed been rivals ever since day one of the 90s because these are the two games that set the fighting genre of games on fire and that is the reason that fans want this crossover so much. 

As more and more days go by it seems as if the crossover is possible but there is no confirmation from any side they have hinted towards it.

Was there ever a conversation about this in the past?

The Co-creator of Mortal Combat admitted in the year 2008 that he had already tried doing Mortal Combat Vs Street Fighter.

He mentioned that he was very confident about it from a business point of view and also from a player’s point of view. 

So, what obstacle did not let this happen at that time? 

Well, he mentioned that CapCom seemed uninterested in that idea. The Co-creator said that CapCom thought this idea not to be a right fit because mortal combat and street fighter might be games of the fighting genre but they focus on different kinds of combats. That is the reason CapCom rejected it.

Well, back in the 90s there was a constant battle between the players of both the game about which game was the best.

They went on to compare statistics of every character from both games and debated on that factually giving their own opinions. 

But now that is not the case. In fighting games now guest characters are always seen to be there. Tekken 7 alone features characters from Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Final Fantasy, Mortal Combat, and The Walking Dead.

So there is a chance that the cross-over will happen now as it has become common now in most games.


There is no official confirmation about the crossover between Mortal Combat and Street Fighter but the officials have hinted towards it so we expect it to happen very soon.

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