Dark Fantasy Game Soulstice Releasing In September 2022

Are you an avid lover of action games? If you are, then we bring good news for you. 

Not just the fans of action games but also the people who like games that have fantasy and dark themes. 

Reply Game Studio has done a big announcement. It was the confirmation of the release of a Dark Fantasy action-themed game which was announced by the company when they started to work on it.

In the confirmation announcement, it was revealed to Reply Game Studio that the game is going to be released on the 20th of September 2022. 

We are yet to know what the game will bring to the table but it is always exciting to wait for a new game.

So, we are going to talk about some of the things that have a high chance of being featured in the game.

What was shown in the trailer of the game Soulstice released?

After a few hours of confirmation about the release of the game in September of 2022, the developers of Reply Game Studio released a trailer of the game.

In the trailer, there are certain things that we can talk about. The first thing is that what we all know and that the game is based on a dark fantasy theme and the color contrast used is amazing to depict the vibes of dark fantasy.

Along with the theme, the action game will also feature pretty good gameplay and also a great soundtrack. 

As it was there in the trailer, there were heavy-hitting metal-based soundtracks to which you can just listen for hours because of how dope the track is.

The trailer mainly focused on the combat system of the game which seems to be pretty smooth and fun to play. Also, there are certain teaser elements from the storyline of the game. 

So from the trailer, we can conclude that the combat system of the game is going to be great and the soundtracks used for the background music are going to be dope.

A brief of the story of the game Soulstice

The story of the game is assumed to be an intense one. It is like the zero-to-hero kind of story. Till now we know that there will be two main protagonists in the story. The name of our two protagonists in the game is Briar and Lute. 

Chimera is the name of the supernatural creature that is formed by Briar and Lute. Briar and Lute fuse both of their souls chimera. Chimera is the supernatural warrior which has intense and superhuman-like physical and combat abilities that come from Briar. 

From Lute, this warrior gets supernatural powers of magic. Together the two of our protagonists seek revenge on evil creatures who have captured a city name Wraiths. The story will be about the two characters reclaiming their city of Wraiths from the extremely powerful creatures.


This is all that is known about the game till now. If you want to play the game before the original release, then you have to play a demo version which is said to be released in August 2022.

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