Delphox Is Coming To Pokemon Unite

Yes, hold your breath and we are talking about Pokemon Unite and Delphox. The game helps every one of us relive the memories of Pokemon which we used to watch in our childhood. 

This anime has given us a lot and we all wanted to be able to experience the things that the characters of the anime in that imaginary world used to have. Pokemon Unite helps us by making us experience those not in the real world but with us playing the game we can feel a sense of great experience. 

There have been talks about the roster of the game. Which pokemon are going to be added to the roster of the game is always very interesting. The one Pokemon that we all are expecting to be added new in the game is Delphox and the content is going to cover all the things about that.

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Basic information about Delphox

It was previously revealed and hence we can say that the information about Delphox being a ranged attacker in the game is already confirmed. 

We are expecting that the playstyle of Delphox will be quiet if not similar to the other ranged attacking pokemon in the game. By other attacking pokemon we are referring to Cinderace and Espeon who are also very good pokemon and quite popular among the players of the game.

Except for relying on long-ranged attacks, we have more information about this Pokemon. In most of the Pokemon games, Delphox is put into the category of a psychic-type Pokemon or a fire-type Pokemon. 

The best part about this is that in Pokemon Unite every other Pokemon that are categorized in these two that is the fire type and the psychic type categories have very high attack statistics. Also, every one of them has a unique special attack of their own. So we expect that it will be the same for Delphox.

To balance the pokemon’s playstyle and also keep a healthy balance in the game, it is expected that the developers will try to give Delphox low endurance. This will balance out the high attacking abilities that the Pokemon will possess. By low endurance, we mean that the Pokemon will have low defense abilities and also low HP.

The Pokemon will have some sure moves in its inventory. Some of them are:

  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Spin
  • Fanciful Fireworks

Release date and time

North America and Japan have issued two different dates of release for this Pokemon in the game. In North America, it is going to release on the 8th of June 2022 and in Japan, the date will be the 9th of June 2022. 

We think that the date of release is different because these are two different time zones. So, if we are not wrong we can say that it will release at 12:00 PM UTC and 5:00 PM PDT. The time will also vary on the east and west coast of the United States.


Honestly, this is going to be exciting as Delphox is one of the most thrilling Pokemon in the game and may become one of the most powerful.

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