Destiny 2 Drang Baroque God Roll And Its Effect On PVP And PVE

One of the most exciting things happening to the players is that after the banger of season 16 of the franchise it has already released season 17. This season is called the season of the Haunted and it turned out to be great. With the gameplay of the game the theme matched. 

The thing that stole and took everyone’s attention is an exclusive weapon that is released in this game for this particular season of the Haunted. The weapon we are talking about is the Drang Baroque of God Roll

Players are loving to use this weapon and we are going to find out in detail about this weapon and what effect it has had on the PVP and PVE modes of the game. So let’s just not do any delay and straight away go for it.

Drang Baroque God Roll perks in PVP

Certain things in the game pair extremely well when used properly. That is also the case with the Drang Baroque God Roll of Destiny 2. The weapon very excellently can be used in combination with the strum when you are playing in the PVP mode of the game. 

When you kill an enemy with the Drang Baroque then the strum gets reloaded and in the process, you get a very high amount of bonus damage rounds in the magazine for the next time to use it. This is one thing that will make you want to pair this excitingly unique weapon with the regular strum hand canon of the game.

The fun part? 

It is not even the most exciting perk that you get on using the Drang Baroque God Roll in the PVP mode. If you have got the Extended barrel available in the game then you should go for the combination of the Drang Baroque and the extended barrel.

This might sacrifice a little bit of handling but it gives a very high boost to the range of the weapon and also reduces the weapon and makes it easy for you to aim at your enemy. 

You can also add the accurized rounds with this combination which will further increase the range of the weapon-making this weapon an impossible one to be up against if the player using it with this combination can use it properly.

Drang Baroque perks God Roll in PVE

When we are talking about the use of this exclusive weapon in the PVE mode then we say that the perks offered by this are not as overwhelming as it is in the PVP mode. The first perk that we see in the PVE mode begins with the small bore and the tactical mag. 

This will make a small increase in the handling of the range and also give a little bit more stability to the weapon. The tactical mag gives a larger round of bullets to the weapon and so it proves to be more effective for making it a combination in the PVE mode.

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