Diluc Genshin Impact: 5 Star Characters

Today we are going to discuss the incredible character Diluc, So let’s start with the topic Diluc Genshin Impact.

Diluc is the proprietor of Dawn Winery, Mondstat’s most prosperous winery, and he is a typical banner 5-star character that has been present since version 1.0.

Everyone in Mondstat, especially the nobles, respects him. In an effort to introduce their daughters to him, many even bring them to events held by Dawn Winery.

Despite the fact that Diluc despises the Knights due to previous clashes, his adoptive sibling is a cavalry captain in the Knights.

How to get Diluc Genshin impact?

Diluc is one of the 5-star characters. Diluc and Zhongli, for example, differ in that players can obtain the former right away.

Because Diluc is the least expensive choice and not everyone likes Amber, Pyro characters are required for all participants.

This guide is for gamers that are new to Genshin Impact and are unsure of how to obtain him.

Players must acquire Primo gems and change them into either Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate (pink wishes) (blue wishes).

Players may only use Keqing, Jean, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and 5-star weaponry if they pull in the Standard Banner. This raises the likelihood of developing Genshin impact Diluc.

Only these 5 characters are available if players pull in the promotional banner; otherwise, they risk losing their 50/50 chance and not receiving the promotional character.


Diluc, a member of the Knights of Favonius, was thought to be the group’s most talented member. Because he wanted to please his father, he grew quickly. He advanced fast through the ranks and gained popularity with the populace. But once his father passed away, everything was different.

Diluc is fond of Mondstat. Diluc still acts in a way that he believes is best for Mondstat despite not being a member of the Knights.

He feeds the spirits of every Mondstatian by providing alcohol throughout the day, and at night, he kills everyone who attempts to make life tough for the typical Mondstatian.

However, he does not seek recognition from the city and the most wanted criminals have experienced his fury. He takes tremendous steps to conceal his identity as the Dark Night since he does not want anyone to know.

Appearance: How tall is Diluc Genshin impact?

diluc genshin impact

Genshin impact Diluc is 5’10” / 180 cm tall and has an “Adult Male” body type. Genshin impact Diluc has red hair that is styled in a ponytail in the back, a centre split on top and front bangs.

He is dressed in a black overcoat with a split in the back, a white shirt, and a black tie with a red gem on top. His blazer and shirt are both adorned with golden motifs. He is dressed in black jeans and a shirt.

He wears a belt with a buckle in the shape of a golden shield around his waist over his shirt. The vision has a black band around his right leg and hangs on a rope from the buckle.

He is dressed in black boots with red diamonds on either side. His hands are crimson and they are covered in black gloves on both arms.

Genshin Impact Diluc Constellations

  • Belief: Diluc increases damage dealt to opponents with 50% or more health by 15%.
  • Diluc’s basic attack rises by 10% and his attack speed by 5% when he takes damage, giving him the ability to Searing Ember. This builds up to three times and lasts for 10 seconds.
  • By three levels, Steel and Fire raises the level of Searing Onslaught. 15 is the highest upgrade level.
  • Casting Searing Onslaught several times in quick succession increases the damage done. A second Searing Onslaught will be cast two seconds after the first one, adding 40% more damage to the combination.
  • Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn: Upgrades Dawn by three levels. 15 is the highest upgrade level.
  • Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark: Within six seconds of using Searing Onslaught, the following two regular attacks have a 30% boost to damage and attack speed. The standard attack combination will continue after using Searing Onslaught.

What is Genshin impact on Diluc build?

diluc genshin impact

We want to concentrate on a Genshin impact Diluc build that enables Genshin impact Diluc to deliver as much damage as possible because he was designed as a DPS character first and foremost.

Genshin impact Diluc mostly uses pyro attacks; therefore the Crimson Witch of Flames artefact set is ideal for enhancing his damage potential.

If you don’t have this artefact set, look for artefacts that increase attack, critical rate, and Pyro damaging damage.

The Crimson Witch of Flames set allows you to increase all Pyro damage by 15% with just two pieces.

Four components of the set add to this damage multiplier, boosting the damage of your elemental talents while increasing overloading and burning damage by 40%.

  • Your top focus when working toward a DPS Genshin impact Diluc should be this artefact set because, regrettably, nothing else in the game compares to it.
  • It’s vital to keep in mind that you might need to change your typical assault-style in order to get the most out of Genshin impact Diluc.
  • Try to space out Searing Onslaught between each regular strike to increase your DPS as Diluc. Instead of leaving pauses following Diluc’s typical regular attack animations, this generates a continuous cycle of damage. You may do more damage to adversaries faster by maximising how you strike them.
  • Wolf’s Gravestone is Diluc’s strongest weapon because of its amazing property, which increases all party members’ damage output by 40% when they target vulnerable foes.
  • The Prototype Archaic, a four-star weapon with a 50% chance to deliver foes additional 240% attack damage, would be a less expensive substitute for this.
  • The Prototype Archaic, while not as excellent as Wolf’s Gravestone, can be created by a blacksmith and is not subject to gacha mechanics.

Last but not least, you should strive to put Genshin impact Diluc with characters that can make the most of his skills.

Due to his Cryo skills, which let you use the elemental reaction Melt, Kaeya gets along well with Diluc. Kaeya’s ultimate ability freezes an adversary, and Diluc may then do a tonne of damage with his Pyro strikes.

Your attacks will increase by 25% when Bennett has added to the party thanks to the elemental resonance effect of Fervent Flames. To guarantee that your squad survives several battles, be sure to add a healer like Xingqui.

Best allies to party with Diluc

Diluc’s Elemental damage should be increased by teaming him up with Hydro and Cryo teammates.

This is where Xingqiu and Chongyun excel since they can both easily let Diluc perform Vaporize and Melt. His excellent basic DPS is only increased by the elemental reactions.

Sucrose is what you need if you want to increase Diluc’s base damage, along with a couple of Constellation boosts, the appropriate artefacts, and weapons to actually make it effective.

To obtain the Elemental Resonance bonus as well, it is a good idea to add another Pyro support or secondary like Bennett. If you require a little bit of extra healing, you can run Diona.

He may not be as strong as he was when Diluc first came out, but the greatest Genshin impact Diluc build may still make him shine.

What is Diluc Genshin Impact Manga?

diluc genshin impact

On the official website or on Webtoon, the Genshin Impact manga is available to read in 13 different languages.

Only the editions in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are up to date with 16 chapters, and there is no set timeline for updates to Diluc Genshin manga.

It is created by HoYo verse, and different teams of varied artists work on each chapter’s illustrations. The primary plot of the game takes place after the events of the manga.

It particularly elaborates on Vennessa, Fatui’s role in Mondstadt, and the history of Diluc and Kaeya that was alluded to in their character tales.

All fans of the game are encouraged to read the Diluc Genshin impact manga series since it not only includes many of the previously discussed components but also provides more context for the characters and the environment of Teyvat.

Similar to Genshin’s, you can presently read all of the Honkai Impact 3rd manga volumes on the series’ official website, including the whole Second Eruption series, which has a total of 66 chapters.

Best Diluc weapons in Genshin Impact

The Wolf’s Gravestone Claymore is the only powerful Claymore weapon required for the greatest Diluc construct.

It can provide him crazy DPS because it has a lot of attack in its basic stats and an ability that exclusively increases attack.

Budget-friendly choices include the craftable Prototype Archaic and the battle pass weapon Serpent Spine. Simply simple, both only enhance his damage.

Below is a list of Diluc’s top weapons from Genshin impact-

Wolf’s Gravestone

ATK is raised by 20/25/30/35/40%. Attacks made against foes with less than 30% HP cause all party members’ Base ATK to rise by 40/50/60/70/80% for 12 seconds after being hit. only once every 30 years.

Serpent Spine

A character does 6/7/8/9/10% more damage and takes 3/2.7/2.4/2.1/1.8% more damage for every 4 seconds they are on the field.

This effect can stack up to five times and is erased when a character receives damage. It will not be reset if the character leaves the field.

Prototype Archaic

Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to strike targets within a short AoE and deliver an extra 240/300/360/420/480% ATK DMG. Only once every 15 seconds.


  • Strangely, while owning Mondstat’s largest wine company, Diluc does not drink wine. He claims that it causes a mental haze, thus he avoids it.
  • At the winery, he even started offering apple cider vinegar so that those who couldn’t drink might still have a drink.
  • Three different species of birds are connected to Diluc. He keeps an eagle as a pet, an owl is his constellation, and a Phoenix is summoned by his blast.
  • Diluc is a member of a covert organisation that fights crime. They caught sight of him as he destroyed the Fatui responsible for his father’s demise.


Diluc is one of the five-star standard banner characters in Diluc Genshin Impact. The constellations on these characters, like the other 5 stars on the normal banner, aren’t as good as those on event-exclusive characters or even certain 4-star characters.

The benefits of his initial ascension talent are not widely felt. Despite this, Diluc is not a horrible character.

He has a three-use elemental talent that not only significantly increases the damage of his burst but also grants him a pyro infusion.

He may vaporise with each strike when paired with Xingqiu. He doesn’t do much damage in every screenshot, but he can do a tonne of damage over time.

To defend the city of Mondstat, the Dark Night of Mondstat engages in nighttime battles with the worst criminals.

Since he will have a companion this time, perhaps travelling with you around the seven nations as he did previously would make him feel more content.

He may also save you money by choosing the best ores for you to use while making weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

diluc genshin impact

Is Diluc a good Genshin Impact?

Are you trying to find the finest Diluc Genshin impact build? In September 2020, Diluc entered the Genshin Impact cast and quickly rose to become one of the top five-star DPS claymore characters in the game. This Pyro user has a high damage threshold with both elemental and conventional strikes.

Who is Diluc shipped with?

Given that the first chapter of the Archon Quest took place in Mondstadt, Jean + Diluc is probably the majority of players’ first ship in Genshin Impact.

What is Diluc’s alias?

Diluc goes under the alias “Dark-night Hero,” which is a play on Batman’s moniker “The Dark Knight.” In their hometown, both of the main protagonists are proprietors of a prosperous manufacturing enterprise.

 Is Diluc hard to get?

One of the most sought-after unlocked characters in Diluc Genshin impact. Unfortunately, obtaining him through Wishes has a probability of less than 1%, making him one of the hardest characters to get.

Are there any couples in Genshin Impact?

Sucrose and Albedo are one of the game’s most well-known couples. They are both members of the Knights of Favonian and have made it their life’s work to study alchemy.

Did Diluc join the Fatui?

Diluc entered many Fatui outposts in his search for information, drawing the attention of the Fatui Harbingers. With the surprise assistance of a covert intelligence network, Diluc was able to narrowly escape death at the hands of the Harbingers.

Later, Diluc joined this enigmatic organisation and soon progressed through its ranks.

Will Diluc banner come back?

The release of Diluc’s banner is anticipated to occur no early than the latter half of 2021. This forecast is in line with the Genshin update schedule and the impending introduction of newer, larger character banners like Xiao & Keqing.

Who killed Diluc father?

All signs pointed to The Fatui, a monstrous organisation. He discovered that they manufactured false Visions under the guise of “Delusions” in private.

A Delusion had the potential to increase its bearer’s power to the maximum extent, but it also carried the chance of going wrong. That was the reason his father had passed away.

Why did Diluc leave Mondstadt?

He vowed to uncover the source of the mystical force that had killed his father and to get revenge for his murder. Diluc transferred the Dawn Winery’s management over to the chief housemaid after quitting and giving up his Vision, and then he completely departed Mondstadt.

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