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By taking a good look at the history books, we will be able to notice a lot of interesting facts about dinosaurs and dinosaur names. They are believed to be the first species to ever exist on Earth and also they are diverse.

Just like in today’s world there is a lot of classification in species dinosaurs can be classified into different types. One group they all fall into is the reptiles. Acquiring knowledge about these species can help you get to know about the history of the Earth.

Knowing about the diversity in the dinosaur types and getting to know about them in detail can also help us know about under what conditions they went extinct and how humans came to the Earth in the first place.

We are going to give you knowledge about the most important groups of dinosaurs and also mention the dinosaur names. Also in the modern world, we can see movies made about dinosaurs like Jurassic world.

The factors on which the classification of dinosaurs is dependent on

Hip size is one of the main things depending on which researchers and archaeology specialists classify all the different species of dinosaurs.

Harry Shelly, a very famous British paleontologist was the one who first proposed the classification of dinosaur species based on the hip size of each dinosaur in the late 19th century, the year when it was proposed by him is believed to be 1888.

Three major bones make up the hip of a dinosaur, the names of these bones are Pubis, Ischium, and Illium.

Closed hip system

The dinosaur names with a closed hip system are said to be having their Pubis and Illium closed.

The interesting fact is that the birds we see in our locality are believed to be the evolved form of these dinosaurs as birds to have a hip system similar to that of these dinosaurs.

These Scientific names which possessed the hip system of modern-day birds are called the Ornithischians.

Open hip system

Other groups of dinosaurs that we are going to talk about are the ones which are depending on the hip system and hip size is totally different than the Ornithischians.

The Pubis and Ischium of the group of dinosaurs are far apart from each other and are independent of each other leading to them having an open hip system. These groups of open-hip system dinosaurs are said to be the Saurischian.

 Just like birds have the hip system of the Ornithischians, there is another modern-day animal we can see who possesses the hip system of Saurischians, which are Lizards.

Due to this similarity between the hip system of these two species, the Saurischians are also referred to by many researchers as the lizard-hipped dinosaur.

Although, after millions of years of evolution, the Saurischian species that is the lizard-hipped dinosaurs eventually got a closed hip system. The bird hip system is so seen in many former Saurischian species of dinosaurs.

This fact can serve as a very good example for people to understand what evolution is. Moreover, this evolution in the hip system of the Saurischian species has been in action for millions of years.

Is this hip-based classification proposed by Harry Shelly in 1888 actually correct for all dinosaur names?

Ornithischians and the Saurischians are the two main groups that we classified the species of dinosaurs depending on their hip size.

Whether they have a closed or open hip system you should keep in mind that these two types fall under the same major group and are often referred to as the main sister groups of classification of the species.

Another thing that you should have in your knowledge is that all the dinosaurs that ever existed cannot be fully classified into these two groups of dinosaurs.

Due to this inconvenience and lack of clarity, there are debates among paleontologists all around the world about where to put the dinosaurs in the universal classification as these dinosaur names are not easily distinguished by the fact that the classification of these two sister groups is done.

And where there is knowledge there is bound to be a debate and difference in opinion. So other than this debate, there is another debate.

One group of paleontologists believes that this classification is very weak and inappropriate for classifying such a diverse group of species like dinosaurs, and the other group says that this universal classification that was first proposed by Harry Shelly is the correct one and should not be doubted.

Each group is supported by sources and evidence like books that have covered the topic and either has concluded that the traditional way of classification of dinosaurs depending on their hip system and hip size is very weak and wrong and the other sources say the opposite.

But if we talk about what is presented as universal facts now in the world is the classification of dinosaurs made by Harry Shelly and the other claims are done by rebels who want to stand out among the crowd and prove themselves to be cool.

That is the reason what is going to be mentioned further about dinosaurs in this segment will be dependent on the one proposed by Harry Shelly in the year 1888 and not the other group.


dinosaur names

In this guide about the first dominant species to ever exist in the world, we have come across the name Saurischians a lot of times now.

Well, Saurischians are considered to be one of the main groups of dinosaurs. It also has a sub-division of its own.

Two different dinosaur types come under the Lizard Hipped type of Jurassic World dinosaurs.

Theropod Characteristics

  1. This is one type of carnivorous dinosaur that is used to feed on other dinosaurs for living and falls under the Saurischian group or the open-hipped system group of dinosaurs.
  • But that might not be the only type of them as researchers have discovered that many Saurischians for a living also might have fed on plants and some might have fed on both plants and animals so they can be classified into the three most basic classification of today that is carnivores, herbivores and as well as omnivores.
  • The most famous examples of this type of dinosaur that is the lizard-hipped dinosaurs and samples found of these dinosaurs show that they had long, large, and sharp canines. Therefore, it is suggested that most of these later evolved bird-hipped dinosaurs were carnivorous but they can be omnivorous as well.
  • Another special characteristics of the theropods, in general, are that they had hollow bones. This presence of hollow bones gave the theropods a really good advantage and made them the most dangerous and feared carnivores of the time.
  • The hollow bones imply that the body mass of the theropods is very light and that is why they can do very fast movement making them agile and making it really easy for the species to hunt down prey.
  • There are a lot of other carnivorous dinosaur types at the time which were stronger than the theropods in general but due to heavy body weight the agility of these dinosaurs was affected a lot and hence theropods are considered to be the most feared carnivore of the time.

Ceratosaur Characteristics

  1. Ceratosaur is nothing but just the evolved species of the Theropod species. The evolved species had more features that made them more agile and also the evolved theropods had more intelligence than the traditional ones making them able to plan a perfect sneak attack on their prey.
  • They got the ability of able to walk quietly because of the soft paws that they have achieved through evolution. This made them more ferocious as it became near impossible for the prey to be able to detect the presence of any theropods near them and even if they somehow figured out the presence of them it was near impossible to spot them unless the Ceratosaur is willing to get itself spotted by the prey.
  • Though this is not the last evolved species of the Theropods, this is the most noticeable one. There are a lot of other evolved species of theropods. But they did not have much to change.
  • With small changes here and there their skill to prey on other species went on to improve but not something big of a change happened and that is why we are not mentioning them.


Ornithischians group of dinosaur names is the one about which much evidence is not yet collected to be able to classify them into different sub-divisions.

As per the hip system classification, both carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs have been seen with their Pubis and Ischium joined together. The characteristics of the Ornithischians are as follows:

  1. This hip system helps the Ornithischians a lot and the most noticeable help is the presence of a broader and more efficient intestinal system present in them than in the other species that are the Saurischian.
  2. Most of the dinosaurs of this diverse group are classified as herbivorous in nature. Not ignoring the fact that there were some carnivores among them too and as we mentioned that the large and broad intestine system helps them to digest raw grass and leaves properly.
  • Their fast digestion would keep them fit and steady and this was a much-needed necessity because of the presence of dangerous carnivores all around them during that period. Unlike most other reptiles that we see in today’s world, these are the dinosaurs that had their own unique teeth to help them.
  • They have broad teeth unlike other reptiles, which would help them to chew and grind the food properly, and also keeping the food ground would eventually lead to fast digestion. They also had an extension of the jaw in the front.
  • This jaw would later turn out to be the beak in today’s animals that is the animals or birds that are the products of the evolution of Ornithischians. They can also be considered long neck dinosaurs names because their long neck helped them to reach the tall trees easily helping their diet.

The dinosaur names that are still to be classified

The other dinosaurs that researchers are still to decide about which group they should put them in are mentioned here with certain characteristic features. These are the features that were unique to these dinosaurs only.

  • Flying Dinosaurs- Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Pectrodactyl, Archaeoteryx, Microraptor, Pterosaur.
  • Long Dinosaurs- Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Spinosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Dryosaurus.
  • Meat-eating dinosaurs- Abelisaurus, Achillobator, Acrocanthosaurus, Acrocantho-Saurus, Afrovenator, Albertosaurus, Alectrosaurus, Alioramus, Allosaurus.
  • Underwater dinosaurs’ names- Spinosaurus is the only dinosaur that spent their lives in water.
  • Water dinosaurs- Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus.

15 cute dinosaur names

dinosaur names

Now we are going to mention some popular cute names.

  • Browser
  • Repter
  • Steggie
  • Gronk
  • Rex
  • Spike
  • Dino
  • Godzilla
  • Drinker
  • Bambiraptor
  • Compy
  • Rexie
  • Lil Liz
  • Feathers
  • Frill

Check some dinosaurs names in the form of a list.

Dinosaur Names

VilemorphThe Gruesome Body
WebfootThe Infamous Eyes
ThunderlingThe Malevolent Spite Tiger
StonespawnThe Golden Cave Frog
The Tall BulgeThe Tusked Corpse Cat
The Bewitched OozePhantomling
The Active MonstrosityDawnstrike
The Mad Doom LeopardSoilfiend
The Primeval Nightmare LeviathanVaporface
The Black-Striped Frost HogThe Aged Keeper
ChaostreeThe Grotesque Dweller
CavernlingThe Wild Savage
GlowfootThe Blind Army Pig
HorrorchildThe Elusive Razor Fiend
The Barren CreeperThe Hidden Phantom Tiger
The Quiet BulgeNightstep
The Hungry GlobHellbrood
The Ruthless Phantom BeastPhasescream
The Screeching Terror VerminDawnhand
The Glacial Ash ApeThe Colossal Thing
MournthingThe Haunting Pest
HollowcatThe Arid Abnormality
RotpestThe Glacial Moon Freak
GlowwingsThe Red-Eyed Slayer Alligator
The Gruesome LichThe Titanium Dire Anaconda

Long Dinosaur Names

Iolrath ZinroraBellas Farxidor
Druindar WranmaerTordynnar Waesyarus
Ailmon BryroMyriil Zinleth
Itham VakianEdyrm Grezumin
Arathorn SylraleiEttrian Beistina
Elkhazel BeizanaKyrtaar Morren
Feno MialarPharom Pafaren
Conall HelezuminKolvar Torric
Vamir MialethCorym Inathyra
Hagduin QiraleiZaos Naethyra
Haldir DavenGantar Farzorwyn
Raibyn YesqenJhaan Ralocyne
Larongar PavarisSythaeryn Wranbella
Sundamar KeavarisKendel Inana
Usunaar MorjyreKhuumal Zylphyra
Riluaneth YellanaAdorellan Keygwyn
Vamir YesnaGorre Miralamin
Ayduin ElfielJassin Eillana
Garynnon QuijeonDarfin Elazeiros
Tolith ZinceranItham Crakian
Ryul AragwynAilmon Nerirona
Erlan NorstinaTheodmon Zylwynn
Yalathanil RavasandoralElduin Craphine
Ailen IanlaminFeno Pressys
Urdusin YingeirosArdryll Dorfir

Flying Dinosaur Names

Dinosaur Names
Folmar SarpeirosMihangyl Keapeiros
Althidon OlosysVirion Qira
Gormar OlojeonLianthorn Ralowynn
Emmyth WysalynnNym Iliren
Ilthuryn OmabellaTheodre Magwraek
Neremyn MaghiceReluvethel Elaxalim
Elyon BilenElduin Arasys
Biafyndar ZyllarVulwin Umeralei
Folluin IarlenThuridan Magfaren
Glarald CaiphyraHagas Xilgolor
Folluin FenmaerGalaeron Zumna
Aumrauth ShaquinalElluin Eilqirelle
Purtham OlonalaTamnaeth Virna
Aymer SartumalGorwin Olostina
Lathlaeril XilricPyrravyn Petharice
Ivasaar ZumpetorFlardryn Dorquinal
Ylyndar HeicarynLaeroth Olacaryn
Taeral JowenysVulre Grebella
Elephon PagellaMythanar Ulafina
Iyrandrar LeoraKelvhan Wranrel
Kivessin FahornShaundyl Ravahana
Goras OrivyreArbelladon Zumfir
Katar RalojyreVulmar Ravavaris
Ryo ElwarinUldreyin Yllana
Maeral ZumynoreMnementh Wranmenor

Jurassic World Dinosaur Names

Meorise KelcarynVaeri Dawraek
Finnea YllananRophalin Aedi
Lusserina FenmoiraEdea Miadithas
Darunia MagraleiUrricea Crastina
Hycis CralarNithroel Shahorn
Caeda RalolarItylara Virqen
Chandrelle IlitorisAerith Miradan
Syllia KeylarKeenor Triszeiros
Merlara InaydarkSelussa Pahice
Lusha ElazuminFinnea Virqen
Osonia VenkianAnnallee Zummoira
Gweyir NormenorAlmithara Yelpetor
Elmyra QinanAmisra Reymyar
Arcaena DalarCiradyl Yesdove
Shelara UlalethNamys Ralosys
Roshia PresmarisThasinia Balxalim
Elora BalyarusIalantha Venrora
Bonaluria WranhanaHalaema Caitoris
Yralissa VirmaerDelsanra Wysaven
Maelyrra DaefirSelussa Orikian
Eirina DorrenTephysea Keacaryn
Gweyir UlazanaFilaurel Crakrana
Meriel GrejeonOsonia Genmaer
Verrona UlahiceMinuvae Magxisys
Anarzee HerbaniseEllarian Ralofiel

Water Dinosaur Names

Ashera ZinydarkItylara Qinquinal
Aravae XilbellaChandrelle Daezumin
Keerla KearelLusha Quifina
Nimue ReymaerAmeria Yeszeiros
Thessalia NerivyreUlesse Chaenelis
Aelynthi CarqirelleMadris Qikas
Naevys AevalurGeminara Wynyra
Lura DarorisFaylen Craren
Teriani XyrroraUmilythe Wynmys
Chaenath IanricNamys Romaris
Esiyae MorrorisSeldanna Pernala
Elmyra BalfirDarunia Craharice
Yalanue FenthanaSylmare Ludi
Tisha ShatorisChandrelle Uriphyra
Llorva IlikalynYrneha Oriran
Symania QinberosGweyir Xilxidor
Namys ValhanaNithroel Waesxina
Ilyana KrisxidorEdea Lunan
Myantha IlikalynLyeecia Daetumal
Fayeth PamenorLura Rocyne
Nakiasha QitumalMalruthiia Urivaris
Caerthynna ReyxidorNaexi Miradove
Soliana DorbanisePhyrra Vagwyn
Rosaniya PhidanImmianthe Yinrel
Saelihn WynxalimJhilsara Aero

Common Dinosaur Names

Cirro RaincupBerry Catbird
Nutmeg TanglelaceAcorn Cuteglow
Dew FrozentwinkleKoko Sweetvine
Cirrus CatcloudStone Betterpearl
Flint NightnewtBadger Cocoawort
Stormy TulippondHerb Figbutter
Light ShimmercloveTadpole Lovelysong
Flint WoodflightComet Eveningmeadow
Mulberry StardanceIndi Sweetdove
Moonbeam GreybutterCoconut Snowbee
Miles SnowtoadSpice Pepperleaf
Snowflake FlatterwinkPinecone Catmoon
Carpus MoonbugBerry Pinespirit
Zephyr FlatterbudLuke Willowfly
Aloha TurtlebushFoxglove Shimmersparkle
Meadow PrettyfootPinecone Mossygourd
Lightning WhifflerayRobbie Beechshine
Mitah WhitefallsSunrise Meadowflip
Lightning CrystalcloverPepper Almondstorm
Oak BubblefigTadpole Petaltwist
Frost SilkfoamLake Jellysparkle
Cloud CottonsproutCaraway Peachmeadow
Thicket WillowbugMiles Foggyflash
Aodh GlitterflyTurnip Falcongourd
Echo BroombelleBumble Elmstripe

Cute Dinosaur Names

Fox NeverbiteLark Morningbud
Luke NightpuffLucky Mossynewt
Aphid TurtlebriarCosmo Plumdash
Midnight PalmlashesApogee Snowswamp
Ocean HazelforestMarlie Shimmerspring
Zephyr FlattercurlMeadow Poplarwink
Skylark LillyflashZephyr Dapplefeet
Saffron ToadlashesTrevan Shimmergarden
Avo RainbowmuddleAstro Cloudbead
Lightning WoodcloudLuke Waterleaf
Spice CrystalwaxFlint Littlegrass
Scorpia CloudylashesOcean Leafgrass
Crator FancybeesStone Fernlocks
Fox GreenflashSpark Suntree
Dusk FerngriddleCarpus Fancyfoam
Albedo SpeedyrayAeden Glitterfeet
Tiny JesterfurSneezy Foggytoad
Bear ToadlashesLake Islandriver
Lapis WildwillowMountain Pumpkintwirl
Blaze FunnysparkleOregano Copperdove
North PumpkingladeMidnight Broombug
Barley PollenlightTrumpet Eveningdove
Axis GreyfruitCanyon Goldenloop
Snowflake GraybeeCarpus Flirtybay
Trumpet SpidervaleNightshade Rumpleflash

Dinosaur Names For Kids

Mulberry GraylakeLight Sugardance
Flare BeautyfeatherAstro Shadowsprite
Liri BriarbeesRobin Dazzlebud
Firo WinterfieldDrake Graystream
Cloud QuickwoodMoon Hollyfoot
Twig FlutterglowMulberry Mangolashes
Ali AmbervalleyBerry Lightleaf
Reef CinnamonspiceLightning Greentail
Walnut BlackmintGinko Goldencloud
Nova MistygustPlume Chillytwirls
Sunset BriarstormIndi Frostpearl
Badger AirspiritOak Lillyfruit
Badger WillowpearlHerb Olivegarden
Bracken SilksparklePandora Rosetwirls
Rock JumpyplumeMidnight Purplefalls
Rain BrighttreeLazuli Islandwhistle
Plume WrinklerayKarma Willowfly
Rain AirfallsRock Lilysprout
Crator BitterwishFiro Jinglestone
Pinecone OrangethistleIndi Briarclove
Wolf EveningbreezeBumble Shimmerstorm
Spring QuickbreezeFiro Rainyflash
Flix TanglebootsOak Pearnoodles
Aqua HazeltwirlsSunset Tanglefly
Ali CloudysandCaraway Windyweb

Scientific Dinosaur Names

Luna TwistywishRuby Lightgem
Little RainbowrockAmber Falcontoad
Sunbeam PollenrockDiamond Limebird
Jewel PepperfeatherEmber Bluebriar
Cassia PetalweatherStella Limecurl
Prise IceblossomSulcore Moonstem
Chloe RainyriverKiwi Brambleheart
Laura BluespiritAzalea Broomcone
Ebony CottonlocksCamelia Elmstone
Prairie BluelashesLuna Redfeet
Vivi WhitedropFloura Treewings
Desily JinglehornYasmine Sugardust
Charity CarrotwingPeridot Frostwind
Sprinkles BetterstormCalla Jinglewhirl
Wave LightbelleMaddie Spidersage
Emerald PepperspicePolly Lightvalley
June FernsproutClove Peachsand
Freesia FancyfrostAmethyst Diamondtwig
Alexandra CrystalgraceLapis Lotuswort
Savannah SparklebutterSulcore Foxspark
Scorpia WindybottomCeleste Chillysand
Alyssum BroomflipLichen Daisytoes
Camelia TreelocksBonnie Tigertwist
Rosemary PollenfieldAmaltheia Sealocks
April CricketbreathAnnie Rosespring

Cool Dinosaur Names

Dinosaur Names
Dandelia MountainblossomMilkweed Pearflight
Annie WrinklefreezeTangy Jinglewhite
Strawberry RumpleroseJuniper Silvercurl
Thistle WindysparkSky Lilyshine
Spectra WinterstoneCanyon Nightthorn
Helia ApplebugMuriel Magicgrove
Annie NightfootShanna Olivespark
Snowdrop CinnamongriddleJoanna Vanillamoon
Evening MuddyflashRain Falconglow
Cintrine CricketpuffSaffron Cozystripe
Galaxa SugardustAnastasia Diamondfrost
Ezra SandyloopJulie Ferngarden
Chert JesterlocksSugar Pinemint
Mildread CandlevineWest Morningmist
Posey MeadowrootGrace Figspice
Betsy MapleblossomLiatris Iceplume
Eupherbia BeautylilyOceana Wonderbird
Wrassey DriftwhitePervinca Rainbowlashes
Marin DiamondfurOregano Gigglefreeze
Pinecone MossstreamApricot Amberstem
Crabapple FancylashesIndigo Meadowdrop
Iridia FoxtwirlManga Eveningdale
Poplar SunpebblesLenora Falconfur
Kenzie FirespiritChipmunk Brambleweather
Rhubarb PeachcliffCalla Redpuff

Dinosaur Names For Pets

Theudebert HaywardHarding Underlake
Gorbulas GoldworthyGoisfrid Bunce
Mungo OldbuckBilba Harfoot
Alaric CottonBrocard Took-Took
Gifemund SilentfootGuntram Rumble
Everard OakbottomWillibrord Maggot
Clodomir UnderfootIolo Bramblethorn
Odo BramblethornGozbert Goldworthy
Gundabald ProudbottomArnulf Sackville-Baggins
Sicho Chubb-BagginsAdelard Brandybuck
Thietmar HopesingerSergius Brockhouse
Basso LightfootAdalhaid Brownlock
Panteleon GoodchildVigo Grubb
Charibert RiverhopperPoppo Gamwich
Chilperic HairyfootGruffo Hlothran
Saradas PottGuido Puddlefoot
Ebroin FarfootImnachar Cutton
Isembold TookMerry Fairbairn
Hildibrand LongfootCassyon Tunnelly
Bilba MaggotBaugulf Goodsong
Fulrad GrubbBerthefried Greenhill
Wolbodo GammidgeCharles Dewfoot
Angilbart GalpsiArnold Goold
Omer ProudfootGruffo Brandywood
Wilibald LeafwalkerDudon Greenhill

Funny Fake Dinosaur Names

Wala GalpsiDagobert Lightfoot
Enguerrand HeadstrongHildebald Cotton
Gerold LongriverGriffon Bolger-Baggins
Lul HaywardHelinand Noakesburrow
Rorimac GoodbodyTimba Mugwort
Childebert HedgehopperWill Bunce
Eracle LongbottomGriffo Labingi
Drogo BottomhillDrogo Elvellon
Fortinbras ChubbLedger Hornblower
Gozbert SwiftfootBauto Chubb-Baggins
Griffon StumbletoeWerinbert Diggle
Gerbert BrandywoodHincmar Twofoot
Posco TwofootAdelard Goodwort
Drogo UnderlakeHincmar Banks
Chlodion HaywardMarmadas Brownlock
Lull Bolger-BagginsTheodoric Longhole
Gerontius NoakesburrowTobias Fairbairn
Nibelung FeatherbottomBrutus Gluttonbelly
Hildigard NoakesLeufred Clayhanger
Enurchus LothranChlodion Fairfoot
Reginar BoulderhillCerdic Noakes
Bernard CottonBertram Burrows
Anno ChubbVigor Gluttonbelly
Childebert GawkrogerIsembard Proudbody
Robin BrandywoodMosco Barrowes

Female Dinosaur Names

Delaney HeadstrongBertha Bracegirdle
Hatilde LabingiMelissa Lothran
Salvia LeafwalkerLuitgarde Bophin
Madison UnderfootDonna Noakes
Fara RumbleSemolina Proudbody
Sydney ElvellonHaley Pott
Daisy KnotwiseMarissa Burrowes
Sarai GreenhillFastrada Boulderhill
Suri GreenhandAdaltrude Langham
Cunegund BrownLiobsynde Banks
Engelberge StumbletoeMichelle Goold
Primula BurrowesMiranda Burrowes
Moschia ProudbodySamantha Smallburrow
Alexandra HeadstrongChrodechildis Lothran
Sarai HedgehopperJacqueline Proudbody
Adelheid UnderfootRadegund Noakesburrow
Teutberga BunceKatherine Rumblebelly
Rotrude GoodbodyIridian Goldworthy
Prisca DewfootMerwig Hopesinger
Moira LothranJacqueline Swiftfoot
Andrea LothranMadelgarde Leafwalker
Melba StumbletoeBrunhild Puddifoot
Aubirge HaywardCalamity Underfoot
Fiona Sackville-BagginsRowan Sackville-Baggins
Heather ButcherMaria Proudbody

Dinosaur Species Names

Ultrogotha GalpsiTabitha Goodbody
Delaney FarfootGrace Heathertoes
Jennifer StumbletoeKeira Tinyfoot
Pandora ProudbodyHiltrude Maggot
Danielle GoodchildTatiana Greenhill
Amaranth BottomhillRosamunda Townsend
Ingitrude NoakesburrowGrimalda Bilberry
Gundrada ChubbAlbofleda Zaragamba
Berenga MaggotAdallinda Littlefoot
Gundradis PuddlefootMichelle Bophin
Amanda FarfootHeather Baggins
Hildegund BunceTheudechild Finnagund
Ragnachilde HornwoodJessamine Brown
Brunhilda GamwichMadelgarde Harfoot
Samantha LongriverNora Proudmead
Wisigard SwiftfootGudula Proudmead
Myrna HaywardDonnamira Mugwort
Catherine BurrowsRachel Fairfoot
Ansgard ButcherDiana Longbottom
Mirabella BrandywoodCaramella Goodbody
Ermengard ProudmeadChunsina Tinyfoot
Mentha HairyfootFiona Galbassi
Hildegarde LightfootMarigold Tunnelly
Myrna TwofootAdaldrida Underfoot
Bertha LightfootRadogund Rumble


So these are the most basic classification of dinosaur names universally followed by most paleontologists around the world.

There is more evidence to be found in many things under the dinosaurs topics and so there will always be studies going on about this.

Keep up to date with this knowledge and whenever some information comes out we will be there to help you with that.


When did dinosaurs become extinct?

It is believed that the species of dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

Which dinosaur name was the strongest?

It is believed that a Theropod named Tyrannosaurus was the strongest dinosaur during the period.

What are the most popular movies on dinosaurs?

The Jurassic Park franchise has made two of the most popular movies on Dinosaurs- Jurassic World Dominion and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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