Do You Know About Dead Exos Locations?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light game has brought a new type of Triumph Seal that will reward the player with the title Splintered.

There are a total 45 number of triumphs that the players need to finish before the seal can be earned and that also includes the Salvage The Past, which is basically a triumph that requires you to search and find all the dead exos locations, hidden throughout Europa.

The game Destiny 2’s Beyond Light mainly revolves around the Darkness, Clovis Bray, and how the Exos came into existence.

There are a total of nine locations spread throughout Europa that will help to bring some light on this dark portion of Destiny’s lore. 

All these locations will lead to or unlock a new page in the Destiny 2 lore book and if a player is able to collect all nine locations he or she will finish the Salvage the Past triumph which is what a player needs to achieve the Splintered title and seal.

Dead Exo destiny 2 locations needed to be collected or we can say these are the collectibles as part of the game Beyond Light expansion in Destiny 2.

These locations can be found in Europa and dotted throughout the place, the main areas, and Lost Sectors, which can be seen after finishing the Deep Stone Crypt taken over by the community.

The dead exos found locations – 

As mentioned above, there will be nine locations or spots that a player is required to search throughout the zones on Europa.

Well, if you are someone who has already unlocked the Lament, then that means you already collected 3 of the dead exos locations

For a better understanding by the readers, we have segregated these locations into their respective zones which will save some of your time.

All the dead exos destiny 2 locations  –

dead exos locations

1 – Cadmus Ridge

The first dead exo is the easiest one to locate among all the dead exos locations and most of the players easily find it. 

This can be spotted right in the center of Cadmus ridge, in the open, you will see this dead exo on the top of the highest ridge. 

You need to search for the big Vex located in this area that faces towards the path to Variks on your right and you will be able to see this exo body there easily.

2- Perdition Lost Sector

Yet this second dead exo is also found in Cadmus Ridge, mainly inside the Perdition Lost Sector. 

It can be found in the front corner of the room which is to the left of the entrance.

3 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

The Concealed Void Lost Sector is the third among all the other exos locations which you can locate at the very end of this sector which is in the Asterion Abyss.

After you kill the boss you will be able to find this dead exo exactly to the right of the cache above a small platform.

4 – Bunker E15

Among the 8 dead exos locations, the fourth one is found in the Bunker E15 boss sector. 

You need to remove the fallen to get in the bunker, then get inside and free the Braytech androids.

Once you get inside the main room by following you will find this dead exo that will be hidden under the stairs on the right side.

5 – Bray Exoscience

dead exos locations

This is located in Bray Exoscience inside the room which is before the room where you can start the Exo Simulation mission.

 As soon as you reach the Bray Exoscience, go towards the right and up the stairs and you will get this exo in the right-back corner

6- Asterion Abyss

The sixth one can be found in the Asterion Abyss which is near the entrance to the Nexus. 

You need to take the right path from Variks, to reach the Aseterion Abyss and then move straight for the big Vex construct on the right side of the map.

You will find this partially buried in the snow to the right of the Nexus entrance as well as at the right outside edge of the big Vex construct.

7- Well of Infinitude

Next, comes the Well of Infinitude where you will get your seventh dead exo location.

This one is located on your path through this area and hidden deeply in the most-south chamber before the turning point and heading east. 

8- Eventide Ruins

The second last dead exo is in the Eventide Ruins. Go towards the very edge of the zone to the north where the public event starts and get inside the room on the right.

You will see there are two void shield Fallen Captains in that room. The eighth dead exo will be  in the back of this room after a big white pillar.

9 – Creation

The creation is the last and ninth of all the dead exos locations in Destiny 2.

You can find this in the new Creation area of Bray Exoscience that gets open after the raid is completed. You need to head into Exoscience and then go upstairs towards the right. 

There will be a second room where you will see a new doorway that will lead you to Creation. 

Follow that route until you reach a huge cavernous area where you have to downwards to some platforms that will be below you. At least you will see this on that first big platform.

Triumphs and weekly challenges:

dead exos locations

Master of the Hunt: one needs to finish any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.

Solo Lost Sector Mastery: To have this a player needs to complete any of the Europa Lost Sector (it may be Bunker E15, Concealed Void,  Perdition, Exodus Garden, or Veles Labyrinth) solo on Master difficulty

Masterful Saboteur: all the twenty-one Variks’ Sabotage quests are required to be completed to have the title.

Fallen Brig Brigade: one has to win from all the 50 Fallen Brigs with a fireteam while in the Crux Convergence public event

Training Complete: for this complete all Exo Challenges or tasks

Born In Darkness: the Exo Stranger’s questline, Born In Darkness should be completed 

Reuniting the Eventide Rookery: you need to give back all nine penguin souvenir toys to the children of Eventide

Studying Darkness:  the players are needed to search and find all nine Entropic Shards

Salvage the Past: locate all nine dead locations 

Augmented Obsession: all eight Augment Triumphs that are in the weekly Eclipsed Zone is needed to be completed


Thus, we can conclude these 9 dead Exos locations are the nine-step triumph which means it needs to be completed by a player over the period of nine weeks.

Well at this point in time there does not seem to be any way to make any improvement on the triumph. 

As we know that the triumph is joined to the questline for earning The Lament, which is mainly an exotic sword that is available at the beginning of the Season of the Hunt.

Frequently asked questions

Where are these exos locations?

There are a total of 9 exos locations in Destiny 2 as given below-
Exo 1 – Cadmus Ridge
Exo 2 – Perdition Lost Sector
Exo 3 – Bray Exoscience
Exo 4 – Creation
Exo 5 – Eventide RuinsE
Exo 6 – Bunker E15 Lost Sector
Exo 7 – Asterion Abyss
Exo 8 – Concealed Void Lost Sector
Exo 9 – Well of Infinitude

What is needed to be done to get the reward of the title Salvage the Past Triumph?

If you are someone who wants to get the famous title you have to find destiny 2 locations.
 If a player is able to collect all nine exos locations he or she will finish the Salvage the Past triumph that is what a player needs to achieve the Splintered title and seal.

What is Symphony of Death Destiny 2?

In the destiny 2 symphonies of death quest, the main mission has been broken down into various phases and each of the phases can take a long time to complete. 
If you wish to achieve this goal, the player is required to first complete eris on the Moon’s post-campaign mission Lunar Spelunker and then kill Nightmares with Arc powers so that the Memory of Sai Mota can be achieved.
 Lastly, you will be needed to encounter Eris through a portal that is close to her customary location, as well as the Symphony of Death quest line in the chest.

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