Gaming Icon Ninja Asked Drum Shotgun To Be Removed From Battle Royale

Who in the current gaming world or someone associated with gaming doesn’t know about Ninja? Ninja or Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a prominent personality well known for his streaming sessions. He is also one of the most popular players of Battle Royale

He enjoys an enormously large fanbase coming from that game itself. He is currently seen professionally playing Fortnite, Warzone and Valiant. And that is the reason he is into talks recently. Want to know why? 

Ninja recently made a critical comment urging Epic games to remove its most broken weapon, Drum Shotgun. 

What is Drum Shotgun?

Before we directly dive into the facts of the incident, let’s have a brief introduction to this faulty weapon about which the ninja has lashed out. 

What exactly is Drum Shotgun? If you are a Frontier player, you must be knowing what it is. But if are not and is curious, then this briefing is for you. 

A drum shotgun is a very powerful or rather overpowered web pin that has a very fast firing rate and can easily destroy the opposite party or enemy within a blink of an eye. 

What caused the ninja’s rage toward the Drum Shotgun? Why does he want it to be removed? 

The fact is undeniably true that trump’s shotgun is a weapon that can kill its rival In the fastest time recorded. Ever since ninja promised his comeback in the game, his number of fans has considerably increased on Twitch showing a positive trend. 

Ninja through Recently praised Epic, he seemed to be highly annoyed over a weapon in his recent stream and has also urged the company to make some more changes. Including removing it from the frontier.

The incidence in detail –

Recently, on May 13th, the very famous Tyler ninja Blevins, the 30-year-old streamer was live, during the stream, he had an encounter with the powerful drum shotgun.

He was killed by the shotgun in a very short period causing him furious at the unnecessary power given to the weapon.

He angrily shouted after being killed, “I hate the drum shorty so much! It requires no skill,” He continued his outrageous confession by saying “Get it out of the game, please! Please. I don’t enjoy it, I don’t enjoy dying or using that gun, dying to that gun. I hate it.

I use it so that I can win. I don’t love the drum Shotgun. Bro, I never loved the gun!”  He went on to say that the gun needs to be “removed” because it is an “elo inflator”. 

His agitation and irritation with the gun were visible in his voice. He did not even limit himself to requesting Epic Games to reduce the power of the Drum Shotgun, rather he made a stern statement desperately urging them to remove the “drum shorty”. 


How will Epic Games react to this, whether they would remove the drum shotgun as requested by Ninja or not is still uncertain. Let’s wait and wait for the request to reach Epic and see how they react to this. 

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