The Sword Of Night And Flame: Where And How To Find It?

Elden ring is an action role-playing game that was published by Bandai Namco entertainment.

The game was released for PlayStation 5 and 4, Windows, Xbox series X/S, and Xbox One.

Later on, in February, the easier control and customization of player character on the journey is experienced.

With this, the player begins the journey to repair the titular Elden ring, and this is how it becomes the new Elden lord.

Such a fantastic game is represented via TPP (Third-person perspective); with this, the players can enhance their gaming experience and roam freely into this interactive world.

It contains different gameplay elements that include a variety of weapons, magic spells, crafting, and horseback riding.

However, even though a plethora of weapons and spells are present, nothing can compete with a sword of night and flame. 

The sword is made with a truly overwhelming power that makes wiping out enemies easier and faster.

The traits of the sword of night and flame are explained: 

sword of night and flame

The sword of night and flame is a different type of sword with unique and impressive visual flair. It needs 12 dexterity, 12 strength, 24 intelligence, and 24 faith to wield. But when you pump it out, it can give some solid damage with ordinary melee swings.

The Elden ring’s sword is a phenomenal weapon that can call night-and-flame stance. Considering this, you can hold L2/LT and follow up for heavy attack or light. With this, you can execute a monstrous onslaught of magic.

However, the light attack is powerful enough to create the magical beam that can devastate the bosses, but the right build is needed here. The heavy attack results in severe fire AOE, perfect for dishing out the damage with a close range.

Building sword of night and flame in Elden ring: 

sword of night and flame

The astrologer has mainly focused on the higher investment into Dexterity and intelligence. It allows gamers to become more powerful while combating foes on the battlefield.

It aims to support players from the early game to the end game. So let’s head towards the following points to understand vital aspects regarding its build-up.

Attributes to level up: 

When it comes to the sword of night and flame build, there are two main attributes are present that you must understand, and that is:

Intelligence: –

The initial attribute is intelligence, which is incredibly important for early-game and mid-game players.

The intelligence comes with excellent control over adventures ability in order to launch down spells and sorceries.

It is advantageous when you are competing with an opponent as it offers ease of taking them down. The players might not have invested in intelligence, but their spells can easily cause damage to output.

Moreover, players should aim to obtain high magic damage along with intelligence-scaling spells.

Therefore, they must invest some points into intelligence so that they can easily conquer the battlefield. Also, considering it can provide an excellent building experience.

Dexterity: –

Start your own way down, as Dexterity is denoted as the second attribute that players should have in inventory.

Therefore, it can allow them to wield overly powered armaments and conveniently control the damage launched at enemies from a specific weapon.

The Dexterity allows games to tank more hits than their expectations. This is because it deducts the overall time that is needed to cast sorcery.

The experts recommend players invest in their dexterity points if they want to cast spells multiple times to defeat enemies.

The sword of the night and flame location: 

  • The sword is located in Caria manor. Here players are going to see a locked room that is present behind the gardens on the east side. The sword of night and flame location is quite fun to find as it is filled with a lot of challenges.
  • For the first intersection, players need to begin their journey from the north side and then continue down the pathway. After that, they are going to see a junction. Next to the junction, face north and then continue for a few steps. Look down over the edge of the walkway, where you will see a platform with a ladder.
  • Here’s the goal: jump from the walkway down onto the upper roof and then head down again to reach the platform. Once you descend the ladder, you will see a chest with a sword next to the chair in the center of the room.

Essential gear for the sword of night and flame build: 

sword of night and flame

In order to push the build further then, you should have some powerful talismans and armor pieces. Let’s check out the listed points to gain adequate information regarding vital pieces.

Carian filigreed crest: – 

The powerful talisman that expert recommends build can decrease the FP cost for multiple weapons.

It ensures that the comment Azur is cheaper, allowing you to gain more hits on your enemies before considering FP flash.

The gamers can purchase this talisman from master Iji who is present in the southwest of Caria Manor.

Marika’s Soreseal: –

It provides a massive boost to the magic damage along with FP while boosting the damage dealt by the sword of the night and flame’s sweep attack.

It is added as a bonus and increases the damage, but the stat boosts will help gamers destroy the enemies they face.

Twinsage Glinstone Crown: – 

This can reduce the character’s health and stamina and boost the player’s intelligence up to level 6. With this, the Comet Azur’s damage will be boosted and ensures that you shred through enemies before they hit you.

The conclusion 

The sword of night and flame is fun to grab as, during the journey, players need to go through multiple hurdles.

It is located in the junction of Caria Manor, and we have listed some ways to find the sword and use it to wipe out enemies with the greatest damage possible.

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