Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear

Elden ring is a popular video game and is regarded as one of the greatest games. In this game, you play as a warrior who is tasked with restoring the ring as well as becoming the ruler of a new kingdom.

The game includes an Elden ring thorny cracked tear to help you to survive in the game. If you don’t know about the tears in the game you do not have to worry.

Let’s discuss the thorny cracked tear Elden ring in detail-

Usage of Elden ring thorny cracked tear

It is a vital ingredient for the Flask of Wondrous Physick and that can be combined to make a flask that will be reusable as well as maximize the power of consecutive attacks.

It can be combined with whatever other crystal tear you mix in the flask. Thorny Cracked Tear in Elden’s ring is mainly a Crystal Tear.

Location of the Thorny Cracked Tear in Elden Ring

In order to find the Thorny Cracked Tear in Elden Ring, one has to travel to the location of the Consecrated Snowfield after defeating the Putrid Avatar in a tough fight at the Minor Erdtree in this region.

 As mentioned above Thorny Cracked Tear is a Crystal Tear which when combined in the Flask of Wondrous Physik and after it is intake helps in increased damage. This can be located at the very last stage of the game.

Thus the Thorny Cracked Tear in Elden ring is located in the Consecrated Snowfield, after winning from the Putrid Avatar, east of Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Crimson Crystal Tear’s

elden ring thorny cracked tear

The components of Flask of Wondrous Physick can be mixed with a different types of  Crystal Tears as per your preference.

You can find the Crystal Tears throughout the Lands Between after defeating Erdtree Avatars, which can be obtained from nearby Minor Erdtrees and in stone bowls. 

After you acquire the flask at the Third Church of Marika, you will also find the Crimson Crystal Tear. It is a tear that will restore half your health by drinking from the Flask of Wondrous Physick.

To combine your Flask of Wondrous Physick, you will have to do so at a site of grace. You can mix Up to two crystal tears together, and you can get one use of the Flask of Wondrous Physick per rest.

Well though the Crimson Crystal Tears has the advantage of health-restoring benefit you can get much better, much more powerful tears throughout the game.

 Some of the helpful Wondrous Physick mixtures and the best Crystal Tears along with their location in Elden Ring’s massive map are provided below:


It helps in fixing the damage in mixed physick. The Opaline Bubble Tear is mainly designed or formed with the purpose of surviving tough boss fights.

It is very useful in the game, It forms a protective bubble layer around your character and provides you with the perfect protection or near-invulnerability for one hit. 

In the situation when you are having issues like we can say surviving in a boss fight where a giant meteor is about to win.

Drinking that Flask of Wondrous Physick along with an Opaline Bubble Tear can give hope or a chance at survival.

If we talk about the location of the Opaline Bubble Tear, it can be easily found in the Weeping Peninsula, beneath the Minor Erdtree, after you beat the Erdtree Avatar.


This help in preventing all FP consumption in mixed physick. Cerulean Hidden Tear is best for heavy magic users. This has the capability of efficiently giving you a 15-second unlimited pool of FP. 

If you wish to shoot magic attacks in short bursts, or shoot a killing stream of pure magic, then using the Cerulean Hidden Tear will be ideal in your Wondrous Physick mix.

Cerulean Hidden Tear is usually located in Mt. Gelmir at the Minor Erdtree, after beating the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Road of Iniquity is the closest Site of Grace.


elden ring thorny cracked tear

The thorny cracked tear, Elden ring can make the consecutive attacks grow stronger in mixed physick. 

It is good for melee users who wish to quickly stack damage, then the Elden ring Thorny Cracked Tear is the most suitable way to increase the power of your weapon. 

For the fast fast-paced weapon such as a dagger, epee, katana, or ax this is the ideal tear.

Green burst Crystal Tear

Green burst Crystal Tear temporarily strengthens the stamina recovery speed in mixed physick.

If you are a melee gamer then you wish to have the maximum amount of stamina as well as the stamina recovery you can get your hands on.

The tear  Greenburst Crystal can be mixed or paired with other stamina-boosting stuff but can be crucial sometimes especially when you are savagely whaling on a boss fight in an attempt to make up bleed or break their poise.

This tear is also good for shielding users who need to quickly recover from blocked attacks. 

The Greenburst Crystal Tear can be found in Caelid, after beating the Erdtree Avatar to the east of the Smoldering Church.

It can be well paired with the Elgin ring Thorny Cracked Tear, Stonebarb Cracked Tear, and Greenspill Crystal Tear for boosting overall stamina temporarily. 


Crimson bubble tear help in restoring HP when near death in mixed physick.

This can take you out from the door of death when you feel that you are this close to winning a tough boss fight or require a little extra health insurance, the Crimson Bubble Tear can save you in such circumstances. 

The chances to heal grows to 30% of your total HP. Crimson Bubble Tear can be found in the Mountaintops of the Giants, after winning from the Erdtree Avatar guarding the Minor Erdtree in the east portion of the area. Yet this is another tear that is found pretty late in the game.


elden ring thorny cracked tear

In order to make your specific character better you may add one of the following Crystal Tears to your Flask of Wondrous Physick mix:

Strength-Knot Crystal Tear helps in boosting strength in mixed physick, Temporarily. It also offers a boost to your deadly weapons that scale with STR and the optimum benefits of increasing strength. 

This Crystal Tear is founded in Stormhill, northeast of Stormhill Shack, or else northwest of Warmaster’s Shack.

Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear : 

This tear temporarily maximizes dexterity in mixed physick, and also gives a boost to weapons that scale with DEX along with the standard benefits of increasing dexterity. 

Usually founded in Lurnia of the Lakes, southwest of Boil Prawn Shack.

Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear:

This tear boosts the intelligence in mixed physick as well as offering strength to weapons that scale with INT and the standard benefits of increasing intelligence. Located northeast of the Road to the Manor Site of Grace.

Faith-Knot Crystal Tear:

Temporarily boosts faith in mixed physick, providing a boost to weapons that scale with FAI as well as the standard benefits of increasing faith. 

Located in the north of the Demi-Human Forest Ruins, Weeping Peninsula, southeast of the Church of Pilgrimage.


Thus, the Elden ring Thorny Cracked Tear plays a very important role in the game. As it is a good ingredient for the Flask of Wondrous Physick.

The flask made from a thorny cracked tear is reusable as well as maximizes the power of consecutive attacks.

This game has other types of tears as described above and gives you the chance to find and explore the weapons as well as the armor that feel good for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a popular fantasy action role-playing game (RPG) designed by the FromSoftware creators.
It is of the wildly popular Dark Souls series.
Elden ring is an open-world role-playing adventure set in a ravaged place called as the Lands Between, where the destruction of the titular artefact led to wars and chaos. 
It is widely played and the gamer plays as a warrior who gets the task of restoring the ring and becoming ruler of a new kingdom.

What is a Crystal tear? Which tear is Thorny Cracked Tear in the Elden ring?

A crystal tear is mainly formed slowly over the ages when the Erdtree’s bounty falls to the ground. 
Crystal tears can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick. The resulting mixture helps in making consecutive attacks grow stronger the longer they continue. 
Although, the effect does not last for a long time.
 Elden ring thorny cracked tear is a Crystal tear that is found pretty late in the game.

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