Guide On Escape From The Extortionist Tarkov Skier Task

The extortionist is a task that players need to complete to escape from the extortionist Tarkov. 

This task is allowed by the skier and simple retrieval mission of the precious item from the customs map. The main catch is the messenger who hid the valuable items and didn’t tell the skier.

It is locked and stashed away, whereas a person has their keys, but they haven’t reported back ever since. In this guide, we will uncover the entire extortionist task and the locations where the key items can be found.

How to unlock the extortionist skier’s task in escape? 

In order to unlock the extortionist quest in the game, you should have completed the supplier task from the skier. After that, you should reach level 7 to ensure smooth game progress.

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Ways to complete the extortionist tarkov skier task:

The extortionist tarkov

In order to complete the extortionist task, you need to obtain the unknown key from the specific messenger’s body.

It is somewhere within a customer map, and gamers must find the locked shipping container with higher-value cargo.

Gamers can use the key to open it and bring the precious cargo back to the extraction zone and let the skier do the rest task.

The forthcoming points help you to gain adequate information regarding key locations and what you need to do.

Obtain the unknown key

The players can look unknown key from the body of the message that is present underneath the bushes that are behind the garages.

These garages are located at warehouse 17, which is present in the northeast. Therefore, players can purchase the unknown key from the flea market.

The extortionist tarkov game allows you to pursue the items from the flea market. Before rushing towards the customer map, players can also skip this step of locating the key.

But keep in mind that you are heading towards the customs raid, and it is possible that other gamers are rushing the same way.

So, there are possibilities that they have got the key before you. Still, whether or not the players can join the raid and perform the extortionist task. The best thing is that a single unknown key will spawn in the raid.

Find out the shipping container

Gamers should know that the shipping container is located at the shipping yard that is on the west side, where you’ve found the messenger’s body.

The extortionist tarkov players must make their own way to the shipping yard and find warehouse number 4.

It would be best if you moved towards the east side of warehouse number 4; it is the place where the shipping container is found between the generator and forklift.

But it would be best if you were attentive as the enemies and snipers who patrol the area.

The door that leads players towards containers faces the side where you can get the exact locations of enemies.

Once you’ve opened the door to a container, inspect the jacket on the floor, and that’s how you can obtain the valuable cargo.

Get the valuable cargo

Players should move forward to the extraction point once they secure the cargo. At this point, they need to make sure that they don’t diet, or they need to perform the mission over again.

Then, you have to pick it back again and ship it again. As for the key, it is going to remain in your possession.

Hand over the valuables to the skier

Once you are done with the task, then you need to report back to the skier. The extortionist tarkov offers multiple rewards after completing a mission, and they are as follows:

  • 3,200 EXP
  • 500 dollars
  • 575 dollars, along with intelligence center level 2
  • 525 dollars with intelligence center level 1
  • X20 .366 TKM AP-M
  • X3 AK 7.62×39 30-round magazine
  • X1 Molot VPO-209 .366 TKM carbine

How to complete the extortionist quest?

The extortionist tarkov

Find out the dead body:

The documents cases that are given to message who you find dead. But there are certain things that you need to do with their body, and they are as follows:

  • Use the bridge to the eastern side of the customs map.
  • After that, turn south towards the RUAF Roadblock.
  • Locate the messenger’s body on the north side of the roadblock.

The red marker usually indicates the location of the RUAF roadblock on the map. Next, the players are going to get the messenger’s body, which is indicated with the blue marker. Once you have found the body, immediately begin searching for the key.

Retrieval of the valuable cargo:

There’s a trick that gamers need to know the secure case is hidden in the messenger’s cabin. It is indicated with the green marker on the map. Here you must use the key to unlock the cabin and retrieve the case for different documents.

Once you are done with it, you must bring the case back to the skier. Completing such a mission offers plenty of listed rewards, making the game more fun and entertaining.

Specifications regarding the escape from tarkov wipe date

The extortionist tarkov

The escape from tarkov wipe date and schedule are kept secret by the game experts. The gamers can rough infer when the wipe happens in the game, but it will be unpredictable. However, you can look at the past wipes to get familiar with the situation.

With this, you can educate yourself regarding the wipe date and schedule. Furthermore, by prioritizing such information from game experts, you can get information regarding preventive measures and experience optimal level-up in the early wipe.

When the wipe occurs, then the guns, money, and armor are wiped out from your account. Your game will start from the very beginning.

The game creators have introduced the wipe to force players not to hoard their items and enjoy the game to the fullest.

The conclusion 

Escape from tarkov is an entertaining game with different missions and challenging tasks. However, if you want to complete the valuable cargo mission, then the listed measures can help you out.

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