Fire Giant Elden Ring Guide And Location

The boss of Elden Ring is typically Called Giant. In addition to boss locations, tips, tricks, and videos on how to rapidly kill the Fire Giant, this Elden Ring Fire Giant Guide also offers background information on the fight and its statistics.

A gigantic humanoid with a face on its chest, known as The Fire Giant, is the only survivor of the Elden Ring War and could be found on the Giant Mountaintops.

The Fire Giants, who sided with Yet another God, was one of the select few factions Queen Marika was fighting with.

It is thought that Marika killed their deity and cursed the last of the fire giant Elden ring to guard the forge for all time because the Golden Order was afraid of the “flame of devastation” that may burn down the Erdtree located within their forge.

Fire Giant Elden Ring: Unique and Challenging Enemies

Players MUST overcome this adversary in order to go to the Forge of the Giants; it is NOT an optional fight.

If you’re having trouble with this battle, equipping and ingesting Equipment and Items that increase your Fire resistance will be helpful.

The fire giant Elden ring does a lot of Fire Damage. When vanquished, he drops the Remembrance of the Fire Giant like Elden ring thorny cracked tear.

Bosses are distinctive and difficult Enemies that may be fire giant location Elden rings across the Lands Between.

Legendary monsters drop special Remembrance that can be used by the player to craft potent weapons, spells, ashes of war, and talismans. As well here we describe how to kill the fire giant Elden ring.

Where to find the Fire Giant?

fire giant elden ring

Elden Ring offers a variety of bosses that you can encounter since the game’s difficult and demanding monsters and creatures are what make it so awesome.

Despite this, many of the challenging monsters you encounter in the game are optional, meaning you don’t have to defeat them in order to advance.

However, the issue is that if you want to advance Elden Ring’s tale, you must defeat a number of challenging bosses.

You must battle bosses like the Elden Ring Fire Giant in order to access the Forge of the Giants.

The Fire Giant: The last known remaining survivor

The Fire Giant is the final known survivor of the conflict with the Giant race that took place before the game’s events.

The majority of the other ordinary entities in the game are dwarfed by this enormous monster, which appears to be human.

Fire Giant: The top of the Mountaintops

The fire giant Elden ring is located at the summit of the Mountaintops of the Giants, and you must visit it if you want to finish the game.

You must get the West Haligtree Secret Medallion in order to teleport to this location in order to reach the Mountaintops of the Giants. In Liguria of the Lakes, you may find the West Haligtree.

How to Cheese the Fire Giant?

fire giant elden ring

The good news is that the Elden Ring can be cheesed for less experienced players or for those who don’t want to put in the effort. But it will be an approach that can be challenging to execute.

  • Go to the map’s edge and have the fire giant Elden ring jump twice from the big rock there to fire giant Elden ring cheese it. Draw him close to the brink.
  • Make sure to climb both the left and the right rocks. Jump from the right rock, which is higher than the left one, from there. By doing so, the second phase will start and the Elden Ring Fire Giant will suffer damage.
  • Because you can utilize the double jump when you jump from the cliff while mounted, it is advisable to do so.
  • When he is in his second phase, you may apply the same strategy, although it may be more difficult because he is slower.
  • But once you force him to leap, it will instantly kill him. Furthermore, you don’t even need to launch a single strike.

Elden Ring: The Best Carian Regal Sceptre Build

By continually striking the Elden Ring Fire Giant’s left foot, the initial stage is to reduce his health to half HP.

This technique is advised since the player will be transported back into the arena at the second stage if they leave the arena.

Torrent may be used to go to the northern entrance to Elden Ring’s boss area for the Fire Giant.

Move to the ridge on the right, carefully jump the gap, and then proceed to the enormous chain that leads to the fog gate.

From the opposite side of the ravine, the fire giant Elden ring long-range flame strikes will still be able to hit the player. Meanwhile, remain inconspicuous behind the troll’s body covered in brambles.

Until the behemoth loses all HP, fire projectiles at the boss while shooting through the frozen body’s crevices.

Players can go on to the Forge of the Giants and continue the main plot after defeating the Fire Giant in Elden Ring.

How to beat fire giant Elden Ring?

fire giant elden ring

Don’t assume that the Elden Ring Fire Giant is slow just because he is large. Fighting this boss on foot will result in you being slammed into the mountainside pretty early in the encounter unless you’re really experienced or severely over-leveled.

You prevent him from getting a hold of you and be sure to attack the monster while mounted.

Naturally, you’ll have to battle on foot if you’re playing in a cooperative game, but he’ll focus more on you than he would on your Spirit Summons because of this.

For two or three players, having one player attack his feet while the other casts a spell from a distance can be a successful tactic.

The Fire Giant has the ability to hurl fireballs and cause the earth around you to catch fire even if you are far away from him. He could also throw snow at you that would rip through nearby trees and other landscapes.

On a horse, this may be avoided the most, although blocking also works effectively. Due to the area it covers, it is a famously difficult assault to avoid.

PHASE 1 – Roll to Build Distance

The monster is relatively mobile during this phase and will roll to increase his distance if you linger too long behind or below him.

Aim for the rope-wrapped leg on his left. This shows a fire giant weakness Elden ring place when it breaks. When it occurs, he will halt briefly, so use the chance to do some unpaid harm.

He will always roll away after being broken. He now has 2 more attacks:

  • A slowly drifting sphere that, when it approaches or after some time, bursts. Bait the explosion and swiftly depart the area since it will leave a zone of flames behind.
  • To make this simpler, you may employ Torrent, but avoid getting in the way of his plate swings.
  • The second is a fireball that is hurled, which is only dangerous if the opponent rolls too far away. Just keep an eye out for the launch and avoid it.

PHASE 2 – Roll to Reposition

Fire giant weakness Elden’s ring point shifts to his left forearm for the boss’ second phase. Since most of his attacks are to the front, go on torrent and stay on his behind since this is a very hazardous location to be in. He will roll to adjust himself, so be careful of the sides.

Staggering the boss will let you stab his eye for significant damage. But be careful since he doesn’t remain down for very long, and being in front makes you more exposed.

There are three assaults here that warrant concern:

  • He still generates the slow fire orbs from the initial phase, but in pairs now.
  • Run far away from him as he unleashes his scream fire attack, which will cause severely damaging fire spots beneath him.
  • When he stands up, he will spew volcanic rocks into the air. Continue on Torrent and increase your distance while avoiding.
  • Be careful and keep an eye on your stamina and torrent’s health since this boss has a lot of health.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Cheese

It could take some time to memorize the giant’s intricate move set and then learn how to counter each one.

Fortunately, the cheese that will be explained next doesn’t call for any of that. In fact, you can easily evade most of its assaults.

To make the fire giant Elden ring cheese work, just make sure you follow the instructions precisely. Here is the information you need to know about the Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese after that.


fire giant elden ring
  • Use the Mimic Tear Ashes Summons or the Black Knife Tiche. He can easily cleave down summons with little health, such as the wolves.
  • Use the Decay Incantation/Rotten Breath of Ekzykes and Bring? Item
  • Although not immune, Fire Giant is resistant to bleeding, making bleeding-inflicting weaponry effective.
  • With Ash of War and an Antspur Rapier; Seppuku that has been poisoned and infused with other effects, such as Lord of Blood’s Exultation and Kindred of Rot’s Exultation, will also bleed and cause Scarlet Rot.
  • In the second phase, the incantation Swarm of Flies, which can be strengthened by artifacts such as the Radagon Icon, Faithful’s Canvas Talisman, and Lord of Blood’s Exultation, may be used to cause bleeding during openings when the monster halts.


Now you are fully informed about the Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese. The battle is challenging enough as it is, but if you draw the giant to the edge of the arena, you may make him entirely helpless as you keep striking him.

He’s been developing a poor reputation as being exceedingly challenging and hazardous.

If you don’t know how to get to the fire giant Elden ring, incredibly fortunate right away, take the time to understand his attacks, then just avoid them and chuckle as he tries to cope with you and your magnificent sorceries.

Go into it prepared to lose 5–10 times. Avoid falling for the hype— he’s simpler than he initially appears!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this enormous Elden Ring?

The area boss of the Mountaintops of the Giants zone and one of Elden Ring’s main bosses is the Fire Giant. He is the final thing standing between us and the Forge and is now our worst enemy.

What gives the fire giant weakness Elden ring?

The Fire Giant is resistant to Fire, Holy, and most status effects, but is vulnerable to Slashing damage if you have it. He has a tonne of health overall, so this will be an endurance contest.

Scarlet rots the Fire Giant, please?

Although the Elden Ring Fire Giant strikes hard, you can lessen the blow by boosting your fire and physical protection with these talismans. Scarlet rot and poison may both harm Fire Giants.

Does killing a fire giant lock you out of anything?

If you accept the Frenzied Flame before committing the Cardinal Sin, you can view a new sequence at the game’s conclusion. Just be aware that accepting the Frenzied Flame will prevent you from accessing any other endings save the Frenzied Flame Ending.

What level is fire giant Elden Ring?

With updated weapons, Fire Giant should be level 85 or thereabouts. You will need enough upgrades to deliver sufficient damage against it because he is a late boss in the normal Elden ring boss order. The fire giant Elden ring will respond effectively to any range-based spirit calls.

Can you call upon aid for the fire giant?

To help you in this incredibly challenging battle, you can call upon Warrior Jar Alexander. The Giant will gain more strength and health as a result, however, having a partner to distract him throughout the fight might be quite helpful. Along with Alexander, you may still summon spirits.

Do fire giants bleed easily?

If you have an upgraded weapon that specializes in bleeding damage, be sure to equip it because the Fire Giant is also vulnerable to it. Before calling Torrent, another piece of advice is to two-hand your weapon. This implies that swiping at the boss’ legs will cause extra damage.

Who is the hardest enemy in Elden Ring?

The Revenant is by far Elden Ring’s most formidable foe. You should never be at ease when facing this horror at any time in the game. The Revenant foe is persistent. It strikes rapidly and forcefully before immediately shifting positions and resuming its deadly assault.

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