Fortnite Railgun Stats And Mission Guide

If you are a Fortnite player, then you are aware of what you have to do at the end of the season. This is almost the end of the season. 

The only thing that every Fortnite player should be doing is playing more and more games and gaining as many experience points as possible so that they can level up sooner. This season was about the RailGun theme. 

So, we are writing this article and providing it publicly to give you good knowledge about the theme and it will work also as a guide for you if you are trying to gain some last-minute experience points to level up. 

What is the last week all about?

The last week is all about gaining as much as experience points as possible for the players so that they can level up sooner.

Fornite at the end of every season and especially on the last week of the Fortnite game gives a lot of new and different kinds of quests for the players to complete. And on completing these different kinds of quests they get a lot of experience points. 

So, this article will help you know all the quests that will be coming in Fortnite in the last week and will help you know how you can go through all these quests and complete everyone at least as many as possible. So here are some of the quests that you will get and the ways you can complete those quests.

  • Using the RailGun and Reckon scanner- one common thing that you will be getting in the quests at the end of the season is that you have to use the RailGun and the reckon scanner. This is what you always have to keep in mind. This is the most important, whatever the theme is at the end of the week the quests will be revolving around the use of the theme.
  • Making use of the RailGun perfectly- The RailGun is a very special kind of sniper introduced in the game. This sniper bullet got very high force and power. The damage is also very high. The bullets can go through walls and many other objects. So if your opponent is under the cover of a wall or any object then also you can cause a lot of damage. The only thing is that you should have a good idea of where the opponent is and then shoot at the perfect place so that it gives them damage.
  • The Recon Scanner- If you got a recon scanner then you have already come over the disadvantage that you have to know where exactly the opponent is. Because the recon scanner will help you mark the opponents who are nearby even if they are undercover something. You have to be very fast in changing the equipment and then shoot as soon as you spot the opponent behind the cover.


These are the things that will help you complete as many as quests possible in the last week of the season. So follow all the things we have said and we are sure you will level up very fast.

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