Some New Accessible Features That Will Be Added In God Of War Ragnarok’s

Are you thrilled and excited about the new game God of War Ragnarok that will be coming? 

An official announcement has come from the developers of the game that they have added some very cool accessibility features to the game.

They have taken into consideration all the complaints that the fans have made about where the previous game felt short and considering all of that they have tried their best to put in and improve all the parts of the game where they fell short the last time. 

So, here, we are going to talk about all the new accessibility features that the developers have announced that they have added to the game.

Added features in the PC version of God Of War Ragnarok

In this segment, you might find features that were already available in the previous games.

But developers have claimed that they are working on improving the previously working features along with the new features so that the players can get the best experience while playing the game.

Sprint and Auto Sprint

Players will be able to make their character sprint in the game by holding the joystick in the front direction and their character will stop sprinting when the joystick will be released.

The player can also make their character auto sprint, they have to hold the joystick in any direction for a short period and this period can be changed by the player according to their preference.

Persistent Dot

While making quick movements it becomes hard for the players to aim in the game and to make it easier for the players, the developer has introduced a persistent dot in the game. This dot will help the player spot the center of the screen in one glance.

Aiming style

There are two different styles of aim that the players can use. The first one is that they tap the aim button constantly or they can use the toggle on and off technique for their aiming.

Block Style

This comes with the same two styles of aim. So, clearly, there is no difference in that.

New to God of War Ragnarok

Here the discussion will solely be around the new things that are added to the game by the developers.

Subtitle and Caption improvement

The developers claim that they have invested a lot of time in this part of the game. In the cut scenes while the characters are speaking you will be able to see the subtitles of what the characters are speaking and they will be very clear.

Customizable size of the captions

Players have the perk of being able to change the size of the captions as per their preference.

High Contrast mode

This is one of the new play modes available to the players, not much is known about it but people have high expectations from it.


There, we have completed discussing all the new features that will be available in the God Of War Ragnarok, the expectations are high and we feel that the game will do justice to the fans.

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