How Much Diablo Immortal Make After Its Release

Diablo Immortal had been one of the most talked-about games since the day it was announced to be released by the developers. Almost everyone knew that the game will be a huge success financially. 

Despite being a free-to-play PC game and a mobile game the game has no doubts about having financial success as the hype around this game was so much that people were going to make it a success. 

The game was reported to have raised total revenue of 24 Million United States Dollars for the developing company Blizzard and that also within two weeks of its official release. 

So, the game was a financial success but what do the fans think about the game?

Performance in the United States of America and worldwide 

The game did particularly well in the United States of America. The total number of downloads of the game was a massive 8.5 million and out of that huge number of downloads of the game almost 25% of them came from the United States of America. 

The United States of America also accounts for a huge amount of the total earnings of the game. Out of the 24 Million United States Dollars that the game has earned worldwide within the two weeks of release almost 46% of the earnings were from the United States. 

Though the financial earned does not mean that the game was well accepted by everyone who played it. Certain controversies happened around the game.

The controversy surrounding the monetization model of Diablo Immortal

The main controversy and criticism that Blizzard received after releasing this game was the monetization model of the game. 

It was hugely criticized with accusations from fans accusing the company of just having money grab out of the game instead of giving some good content in the game. 

The microtransactions in the game were a huge part of its income and many players criticized it saying that this has hugely affected the competitive nature of the game as anyone can unlock anything with money. 

Players are also worried that the developers will apply the same monetization model to the upcoming game announced by them named Diablo 4.

There are some worries that the vibe of the game will be destroyed if the same monetization is applied to the game everyone is eagerly waiting for.

The reply from the developers to this controversy

At least for now we can have a moment of relief as the developers have responded to these criticisms and have said many things about the upcoming game. 

The developers said that Diablo Immortal was free to play the game and that is why the monetization model was as we can see but that is not the case with Diablo 4. 

They said that Diablo 4 will not be a free game at all and so the monetization model will not be like this at all.


Despite being a huge financial success the controversies are proving a lot worse for the game Diablo Immortal. If the developers are saying the truth then they can come back stronger in Diablo 4.

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