How To Get Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go now and then provides its players with new and exciting things. The game itself provides the best experience that players can have as a Pokemon trainer. 

This game is a very good experience for players who have grown up watching Pokemon and always wanted to experience the life of a Pokemon trainer. 

The developers of the game announce different in-game events for the players of the game. These events have some things available for an exclusive period and you can unlock those rewards by doing a certain number of tasks as the event mentions. 

Just like every other event allows the players to capture the rarest versions of a Pokemon this event has given one and that is the Shiny version of Mental a Pokemon is available and can be unlocked if players want to. The article is about how you can catch shiny meltan in Pokemon Go. 

What is the shiny version?

A shiny version of a Pokemon is just like the not Al Pokemon but the main difference is how they look. 

A shiny Pokemon has different color patterns and textures on its body and these are incredibly rare to find. In titles like Sword and Shield, every Pokemon had a shiny version of itself available. 

But in Pokemon Go shiny versions are not available always. Developers announce different in-game events in which for a certain period one shiny version of a particular Pokemon will be available to be captured by the player. 

So months and years can also pass for you to be able to capture one particular shiny Pokemon.

The recent event announced is allowing players to capture the shiny version of a Pokemon named Meltan. How we can capture it is the main thing that we need to know.

How can you get a shiny Meltan?

Meltan itself is a very unique Pokemon in the game. This Pokemon made its first appearance in Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee. 

Players will be able to open different mystery boxes. By unlocking each box players can get a lot of Meltan and having a Meltan is important to unlock the ultimate Shiny version of it. 

Pokemon Trainers in the game will be able to capture the Shiny Version of the Pokemon named Meltan during the event named the Pokemon TCG crossover.

FTo is precise this event started on June of 16th 10’O Clock at night on the 28th of June at the same time the clock strikes. 

This will provide trainers with challengers for playing and winning Pokemon Trading Cards in the game.

As mentioned there will also be some other Pokemon available for capture in particular Pikachu will be available with a hat spawned in the wild. 

But by playing the Pokemon trading cards and winning many of them will unlock the Shiny version of Meltan to be used by you in the game.


That is everything that how you can get the shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go. How to win the trading cards depends on your sense of the game and how lucky you are.

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