How To Restore Your Units In Frozenheim

Frozenheim is a game that is very popular among beginners the gamers with a career in eSports. It is a very chill kind of game.

There are a lot of things that happen in the world of the game. Combat is one such thing that is there in the game. 

The thing is that at the beginning of the game the combat of the game is one of the easiest. Sometimes you have to fight with a bunch of wolves or bears or maybe a group of bandits. They are very easy to fight with. 

But with taking direct combats comes the need of restoring your troops or heal. That is the main topic today and how to do it will be explained.

Why do we need to restore the troops or heal them?

After taking two to three combat fights against foxes, bears, or bandits some members of your troop will certainly take a bit of beating. The most common is the snapped jaws and twinkled strings. 

These are injuries that will not let your troops perform to their full potential. It is put up to you whether you want to heal them or not to make the most out of your limited resources. 

We suggest that you should heal them as it is a very good way to get your troops to their full potential and so that there is no chance of them losing against a stronger opponent next.

The process of restoring or healing the troops in Frozenheim

Your troops will consist of individual units. The total health of your army will be shown in a health bar when you select them all. But every unit has a health of its own. 

Every unit will take individual damage from the enemy troops. Each unit will have a health bar that will show how much health they have left. That is how you know which troop needs to be healed or restored in your army.

Providing and assuming that nobody in your army dies in combat then you can heal your units together with a single stunt. You have a homestead in the game in your Village, you have to upgrade that homestead to level 2. 

Upgrading the homestead to level 2 will unlock a new set of buildings for you to build in your home base. One of the new buildings that are unlocked to be built is called the ‘Healer’s Hut’. You have to build this building in your Village first.

The healer’s hut has a very small range around it but you can place your units in that radius. Over time placing your units within the radius, your units will heal. 

The time that your units take to heal is dependent on the level of the healer’s hut and also on the number of workers, you have assigned to that building. These are some factors you should keep in mind.


This is the complete process of how to heal your units or restoring your units in Frozenheim. If you follow these then you will not have any problems in the game.

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