How To Solve The Mirror Puzzle In Diablo Immortal?

There has been a lot of talk about how to solve the mirror puzzle in the game Diablo Immortal. The game has made many fans turn into Stans of the franchise. Diablo Immortal can be considered to be one of the best game releases of the franchise. 

Some conversations about a specific task of the game go around among the players and many are very confused about it. It is the part where they have to complete the mirror puzzle but players are unable to do it and are unable to figure out how to do it. 

We can say that the mirror puzzle is one of the hardest challenges in the game. 

When does the mirror puzzle come into the game?

This concept of the mirror puzzle will come into the game after the player has completed having lit all the previous nine runes in the game by completing the puzzles

Though this mirror puzzle is a little different than the previous puzzles that the player had to solve before in the game. 

This task will start when your first approach the ethereal rune with your character and interact with the ethereal rune. Then the game will explain to you what is to be done.

What is to be done with the mirror puzzle?

After you approach the ethereal rune you will be given instructions by the game on what is to be achieved through this mission. The game will show you that there are different mirrors in that rune. 

You have to reposition those mirrors in such a way that the positioning is done which will help illuminate this rune. You will see that at some particular point a beam of energy is getting emitted. 

The objective of the mission will be to position all the mirrors in such a way that the beam of energy gets reflected from one mirror to another mirror and then to another and in this same way the beam of energy will reach the rune itself illuminating it.

How can it be done?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that many of the mirrors are there which can move in any direction or any position you want. You can also change the angle of the mirrors so that the beam gets reflected. 

You have to manipulate the beam in such a way that the mirrors do the job. Also, remember that there are a limited number of mirrors for you to use so it is also a matter of concern for you.

You at the very beginning have to locate the exact position from where the beam of energy is being emitted after doing that you have to see the direction in which the beam is going. Set the first mirror so that you can reflect the beam in the forward direction closer to the rune. 

Then keep on positioning the other mirrors in a way so that the beam of energy finally reached the rune. This will take a lot of time but that is the only way to do it. Many tricks were tried but the result proved that this one takes the least time.


If you follow the trick that we mentioned then it will be very easy for you to complete the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal and you have to do it patiently.

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