How To Upload The Hallowed Sword In Mortal Shell

In the article, we are going to talk about one particular weapon in the game named the hallowed sword and how to upgrade it to its full potential.

Mortal Shell is an Action game that was released in August 2020. Not long time after the release the popularity of the game skyrocketed. 

There were many reasons behind the exponential growth in the popularity of the game. 

The first reason is the pandemic. Due to this people had a lot of free time and they were able to experience the game. 

The second reason is the unique content of the game despite the common genre. The content of the game gave players an extremely unique experience of the genre of the games that have come before. 

What is the hallowed sword?

The hallowed sword is one of the weapons that players acquire most of the time at the beginning of the game. 

You might think that as it is the first weapon to be given to the player it is not that strong and there might be better options, but that is not true entirely in the case. 

Every weapon can be upgraded to a certain level and with each upgrade, different aspects of a particular weapon get better.

The hallowed sword when upgraded to the max level has the potential to help the player survive the entire game without any other weapon. 

Now comes the question of what are the things that this weapon has.

The abilities of the hallowed sword

The hallowed sword despite being one of the very first weapons in the game comes with two very useful and strong abilities. 

Both these abilities help the players to inflict a huge amount of damage on the opponent. These abilities are activated by using the L1+R1 keys. Now the abilities are as follows:

  • Mechanical Spike

Players will have to acquire this ability in a search. This particular ability is there in the Fallgrim. Following the Fallgrim tower players will have to enter a cave in front of the tower there they will find a Grishna boss. 

After defeating the boss there will be a chest that the players have to open to get this ability.

  • Molten Spike

Near the poison frog river, there is a cave located. That cave is guarded by Grishna. 

After defeating all the Grishna a chest will be available to open where they can find the molten spike ability.

The elements needed to upgrade the Hallowed sword and how to do it

Players will need certain elements to upgrade their hallowed sword. Just like the abilities that have to find these different elements. 

The things needed are 5 quenching acids which are hidden in different locations of the game. All the upgrades can be conducted by the players in the Fallgrim tower where there is a workbench provided for them. 

Also, the players can conduct the upgrades in the anvils that they will discover as the game goes on.


These are the things that you need to keep in mind and do for upgrading your hallowed sword to its full potential in Mortal Shell.

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