League How To Solo Carry Tips And Tricks

Do you want to know how to solo carry in the league? Want to get the highest rank? Then you are in the right place.

Here, we will answer all your doubts regarding league – how to solo carry. Often people are confused that league of Legends is a team game and you cannot use your individual play skills to carry your solo queue teammates, do not listen to what many people say it is not a whole team game.

League of Legends is a quite popular game and gives enough opportunity for any individual player to flex their own proficiency in the match. But keep in mind that you must have good skills to solo carry.

If someone has the required knowledge and skills he can single handily lead to the victory of the whole team. 

If you are a player who wants to know in the league how to solo carry and taste that win solely with your efforts then this brief guideline on the league, how to solo carry will surely help you. The tips will help you to carry more games in a solo queue.

Let’s know how to solo carry in the league:

league how to solo carry

Select your champion carefully-  

the first thing you need to do is to choose your champion wisely from the pool of champions available in League of Legends as it’s common that there will be always some who are better ranked to carry a game based on their play style and skills.

You should have a good idea about the best carry champions for the overall advantage of the team. Keep in mind that when you choose a champion it must be a champion that is forgiving because you will be making mistakes until and unless you are playing at a very high level.

These tips are mainly applicable to top, mid, and ADC players, but definitely, there will be some crossover with jugglers and a few that can apply to support, even though the last batch is in a tougher state to carry a game.

For example, Ezreal and Tristana are good champions that are very safe while also being able to carry the game and if we talk about the top lane, Garen is the best as it can reside for about the first fifteen minutes on the top.

It is also a good example of an easy champion. He has great healing passive and can take trades with his amazing and easy kit as well as without getting punished.

Garen possesses simple and strong capabilities it can easily walk away with a kill or two during fights even by sitting in the middle of a number of enemies.

A strong basic-

You must have the knowledge and a deep understanding of the game you can’t solo carry the game just by selecting a strong hero and giving a tough fight to the enemy team it needs some proficiencies.  

If you focus on the game mechanics and master them then you will clearly know in the league how to solo carry.

The gamers who really want to carry the game should be patient and more consistent than any other average player.

You can solo carry easily if are capable to gather gold and hitting minions efficiently to ensure that you are ahead of other players. Keep looking for opportunities so that you can initiate a counter-attack.

Take the benefit that comes your way- 

It is one of the vital tips for carrying games. You should be greedy and capable enough to take what the enemy is giving you for free.

For that you can use various ways such as farming, taking objectives, item power spikes, or reaching level and killing enemy champions.  

As we know League of Legends is a game where a champion’s power does not come from killing enemy champions.

If you want to solo carry then make sure you are not proving the enemy team kills or gold or experience early.

Know the right time to push for the opportunities

league how to solo carry

It is yet another important skill to know in the league how to solo carry. It is common to get various opportunities as you move ahead in the game and win lanes across the map.

But keep in mind that taking an inhibitor usually requires well little coordinated team effort because it can easily put your team in a risky and dangerous position.

So if you are solo carrying locate the enemy team and if there is any way to take an objective then go right ahead.

It is natural that when you reach the mid or late game your priorities might change, you try to search for opportunities but you do not take all the opportunities that come your way.

It is always advisable to have a good plan for any aimless situation and it will help in decision-making too.

Learn to coordinate-

That is yet another vital thing that a player should consider while solo carrying. League of Legends is played by a team and cooperation is a very essential tool to solo carry.

You should be able to adjust or adapt as required in the situation with your other teammates. Be wise to choose the champion as per the situation to crush your enemy team.

This thing is often ignored but it is an important thing to know in the league how to solo carry.

You do not have to talk continuously with the other team members but you should text to warn another lane if someone is missing or place vision wards to give your allies some extra protection. Good Coordination will protect the team from more killings.

Handle the risk carefully when you are behind in the game-  

league how to solo carry

you should be cautious and know if you are behind in the game.

If you gave the very first blood to your enemy then You should not fight anymore, your laner by yourself, because by doing so you will be risking the second death and will lead to loss of gold as well as experience.

It is recommended not to fight for objectives when you think the chances of winning are less.


Therefore these were some tips or guidance which you need to know in the league how to solo carry

In order to have a victory by solo carrying in the game of League of Legends, the above tricks will surely help you and ensure that you follow them correctly it recognizing the win conditions for your game, and preventing the other team from reaching their win conditions.


What is a carry?

This is a very common question that is often asked,  here, carry means choosing the best Champion that you think has a lot of experience and can benefit your team over the enemy overall. The balance of simply maintaining the pressure along with giving a competitive disadvantage and fighting the enemy team.

Which people or who can carry?

Carrying should not be done by anyone who has no skill or proficiency. It should be done by some specific Champions but one should have a good knowledge of the characters. Many people without any experience if someone tries to carry then the player will only bring disaster in the game.  

What are the strong Champions?

Here are some examples of champions
Top – Malphite, Garen, Volibear, Sett, Ornn
Jungle – Olaf, Hecarim, Karthus, Zac, Nunu & Willump.
Middle – Annie, Malzahar, Veigar, Orianna, Ahri.
ADC – Tristana, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Ashe, Sivir
Support – Leona, Nautilus, Morgana, Alistar, lulu.

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