Limited Run Games Announce Tetris Physical Edition For PlayStation 4

We come here with great news for all the Tetris fans out there. A great game coming your way to play and experience on the PlayStation 4.

Limited Run Games have confirmed collaborating to make a Tetris game named the Tetris Effect. They have also decided that they will be releasing a physical edition of the game.

It is not just released for PlayStation 4 though. Limited Run Games have confirmed that the collaboration will lead to the release of the physical edition of the game Tetris Effect on Xbox, and Nintendo Switch as well.

Are you all Tetris fans ready to have this one hell of a big treat in front of you that will be coming soon?

So let us just talk a little bit about the game and what more information has been given by the people of Limited Run Games about this extremely unique and interesting collaboration.

Why is Tetris Effect so popular?

You might be thinking that there are a lot of games of Tetris around the world. What is so special about Tetris Effect? Well, you will know once you play it yourself but for satisfying your curiosity for now we are going to give a look at it.

The game Tetris Effect has the joy to play gameplay for you. The gameplay is so smooth that you will be having doubts about whether this is a Tetris game.

The graphics are also a joy to watch. The immensely colorful lighting of the blocks of Tetris will keep everyone interested in the game.

That is so pleasant to the eyes and the contrast is also great. Making the game look great and keeping players interested for hours into it. With the release on PS4, we are looking at how much improvement can be done in the already perfect graphics and gameplay of the particular game.

Release date and time of the game

It is announced by the officials of Limited Run Games that the physical edition of the games will be available to the players for purchase on the 17th of June. The date is just announced but the exact time of release is still to be revealed.

The game will be available for purchase on the official website of Limited Run Games. The edition for the collectors of the game will only be available during the pre-order period of the physical edition of the game.

It was also mentioned by the officials that once the collector’s version of the game goes out of stock then there will be no further production of the game again.

So, we say that you should not miss your chance at getting this game on the first attempt. Also, remember that the game is being released for three different platforms so you can choose from any one of them. The three choices you have are PS 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


We guarantee that all Tetris fans will be extremely satisfied with this game and will fall in love with it once they play it.

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