Meta Testing On Cloud Streaming For PC VR Games For Quest

There have been rumors going around about the cloud trying to improvise high-quality graphics in their game. They also have been planning to bring some standalone VR headsets for the players to experience the game to the best.

We do not know about that whether how much of it will be executed properly but we are sure that Meta is testing cloud streaming for Virtual Reality. 

This is the thing that we are going to talk about in detail in this article. So we ask you not to skip any part of the article and read every line to know about this meta-testing on cloud streaming for PC VR which is Virtual Reality games for Quest 2.

From where did this possibility of meta-testing come?

A couple of months back a user of Quest from the United Kingdom claimed something very shocking. The player claimed to have gained access to the internally tested cloud streaming tested by meta which is called the Avalanche. 

He also claimed that he was able to play the PC VR version of the game Thor’s Wrath on Wi-Fi 5 from the cloud and he also said that the experience he had by playing that version of the game was far from perfect and many things needed to get fixed before it is released officially by the developers in the open platform.

There have been many speculations made by thousands of VR analysts across the world about why the gaming experience may not have been perfect for the user.

The one reason that seems a little logical was said by the VR analyst named Brady Lynch. He said that the gaming experience was far from perfect for the user because the servers were most probably located in the United States. 

This VR analyst also leaked a screenshot of the Oculus menu of the game where it is seen that the high graphics VR version of the game is in the experimental section. As it can be concluded from the leaked screenshot we can agree with Brady in the fact that the VR version is still under alpha status.

Banning of the cloud streaming applications by Meta

This is not the first time that internal data of the Quest is revealed or leaked without the knowledge of the developers.

The first time you heard of it might be in April of 2022, that time Quest Data Miner named Samulia discovered some evidence about the internal cloud streaming tests which were codenamed by the company Oculus Avalanche. 

This string was found in Quest 24.0 which had its release date back in November 2020. So this shows that Mera has been experimenting and testing the high-graphics VR version of the game for quite a long time now.


There is no official announcement from Meta still now about the new PC VR version that has been claimed to exist. But the banning of the cloud streaming applications means that Meta wants to stop and prevent any further internal data leaks. 

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