Let’s Explore The New MTG Arena Format: MTG Warhammer 40k

Welcome to the world of gaming, We are going to discuss a fantastic topic today and that is MTG’s new arena format MTG Warhammer 40k. So without any blah blah.. let’s get to the point.

We have a brand new format within magic the gathering arena which is Wolf, you know what I mean.

Oh my gosh let’s go magic the gathering arena news and announcements from the streets of a new companion.

The mechanics’ quality of life upgrades as well as the new format recapping the premium play which was competitive.

Let’s try to get this over with as coherently as possible. The arena stage of the game for St Avenue Cabana you know the mechanics.

Over the cap of the mechanics

As a quick over-the-cap of the mechanics hideaway, you know something older that’s brand new to the arena you get to look at a number of cards off the top of your library tuck.

It’s underneath and when no hideaway is triggered you get to play that card for free which is super exciting threshold counters.

You know having a specific number of professor creatures are cards, in general, I suppose in your graveyard is the example that will be used here or you know whatever happens to be of your other cards that utilize that mechanic right?

So you know if you have 5 or more cards with different men of values in your graveyard the creature gets plus 2, for example, I and there are many of those again check out the spoiler we do go through those in-depth for you all.

Interactions with treasures

Interactions with treasures are triggering things in a specific manner you will want to make sure you do watch that auto tapper as it will auto-tap that treasure.

If it is to do so with the benefit of others of your permanence which is exciting but maybe you don’t want to have one of your permanence pop off through that treasure maybe want to save the treasure for later for rap.

So this is why we just are bringing notice to the auto tap interaction, so be careful and if you don’t float your mana you can always manually tap By clicking the minimal use what you’ve manually tapped or you can go into your settings and turning it auto tapper off directly, So you won’t have to worry about that and then it’s always on you. 

Purchase packs

You can purchase packs you know as many as you want at a time through gold which is exciting you know get them packs baby.

New format right that’s kind of the next thing we want to talk about here it will be called explorer A. K. A. pioneer lights obviously.

It’s a lot to ask for all the pine your cards at once this allows us jumping-off points where they can begin to include you know cards for pioneer or the truth to tabletop alternative format Within the arena.

Because now with the digital-only cards alchemy coming out lots the historic it is not that it is something totally different right?

So you know this is going to give those out you know tabletop fans a place to hang out in the arena and I’m a massive fan of this I will be getting new cards for this.

Metagame challenge

You know as we progress which is super exciting there’s a metagame challenge coming out as well it will have the same rank as your constructed all right so it’s constructed in limited ranks still pioneer light or explorer. 

Act under that and I constructed rank which is really cool you know if a card is bands or there’s a problem because it’s gonna be a little bit different than the pioneer meta and they will not suspend or rebalance.

They will strictly just be bandits when you get those wild card replacements which are nice arms our first focus is towards the pioneer medicating working on those cards first and then bringing in you to know those older less relevant cards.

Just to fill things out which is really nice so there’s going to be a stream in about an hour’s time from now which is super exciting.

We’ll have a queue in a and they’re gonna talk more about the explorer which is super exciting so looking forward to a new true-to-table-top format as an alternative to the historic right which is great.


So now we have standard we have explorer and then we will have historic with alchemy which is super exciting.

So I’m literally one of the coolest announcements that we’ve had in a while that we’ve been waiting for for a while your deck capacity gets increased from 75 to 100 as well which is fairly exciting and then yeah we’ve got cream your play on the way that we made earlier talks about all of this you know.

You can do well in the qualifier play-in and jams pain gold 18 in the new plate in points which you can collect within constructed and limited events.

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