Naruto possibility To Tie Up With Multiverse

In the world of gaming, one name is popping up again and again. The name is quite obvious- The Multiverses and Naruto. 

There are many reasons behind this, the first one being that the name itself is very interesting and gives a unique kind of feel. 

On social media and also on other platforms there are some leaks about this upcoming game. These leaks are something that is to be talked about. From the trailer of the game though we can understand that the game is going to resemble titles like Brawlhalla.

The unique thing about the game that is making it stand out

The game is very unique in its name and also its concept of it. Players of the game can play with all the kinds of characters that we have grown up seeing since our childhood. Players can play in the game with the characters that are owned by the Warner Brothers popularly known as Warner Bros. 

Some of the famous characters that are owned by Warner Bros are Superman and Batman. These are just two to name but there are a lot more than these two. The characters included are not just the superheroes but also characters that were indifferent cartoons owned by Warner Bros. 

But different things are coming up and there are crazy possibilities that can happen with the game as per the rumors running around about the game.

The recent leak is claimed that are making people go crazy

There are leaks about the game that are getting circulated on different platforms. These leaks are the ones that are getting the game hot in the gaming community. People are talking about the game because of these leaks. 

One of the leaks that we are going to talk about is about getting another character that can be used by the players to play in the game. And we feel you will also be shocked to know which character is rumored to be added to the game as a playable one.

The leak says that the most popular anime character is going to be a part of the playable character in the game. 

Yes, we are talking about the character names Naruto Uzukami from the anime named Naruto. This has made the game hot. This will just not attract gamers but also anime fans and also people who are not hardcore anime fans but while growing up have watched Naruto. 

Many people think that the rumor is fake because as we mentioned the game is featuring all the characters like superheroes and also cartoon characters that are owned only by Warner Bros. 

This is a valid point to make if you do not think the rumor is true but a proper business deal or collaboration between the developers of Multiversus and the creators of Naruto is possible because these games got a lot of potentials to blow up.


Honestly, as each day passes by and there are discussions about this the game is getting a lot hot. This is making people excited and we recommend you try this game once and wait to see if the leak was just a lie or the truth.

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