New Catch Em Battles Announcement By Pokemon Unite

The franchise Pokemon Unite has become very popular all across the world. This is mainly because we get to experience the things that we always wanted to experience while we watched the famous anime series called Pokemon. This is very popular worldwide. 

The franchise has been keeping the players excited and tries its best to give them the best experience of playing the game.

So, there are many new things that they keep adding to the game to keep things fresh and not get the players the same experience over and over again. 

A couple of days ago the developers have announced a new model for the players to play which will be coming soon.

In this article, we are going to talk about this new model which is named the Catch Èm battles by the developers in the announcement made by them recently.

What the new model is going to be about?

The new model has been announced by the franchise Pokemon Unite for both the Nintendo Switch and the mobile version of the game. In this game mode, players will be playing on an entirely new map that will be introduced. 

This will be a team game mode with two teams up against each other. Each team will consist of four members.

This mode will let players catch different pokemon and also play different kinds of wild Pokemon. This sounds exciting and the players are waiting for it eagerly to be released and experience this new game mode.

About the map of the new game mode

The new map will be introduced very soon but we have got a little bit of an idea about the new map in which the game will be played. We got a little glimpse of the new map in the trailer of the game mode that was released by the Pokemon Unite franchise. 

The new layout of the map looks like an iteration of the Mer Stadium, the layout got a total of 6 goal zones which are equally divided between the two teams which are 3 goal zones for each team.

However, unlike the Mer Stadium, there is a little bit of extra space at the top and bottom of the layout which we are assuming are the homes of certain boss pokemon for you to fight against. 

The ability to catch any kind of Wild Pokemon

This feature particularly is going to make this game mode a lot more exciting and unique for the players. Players will be able to capture any kind of wild Pokemon and when we say that we also include the boss Pokemon from the other maps. 

This will give a very exciting feeling to the players as they will always be on the lookout for a new and better wild Pokemon for them in a particular situation.

You can play as the wild Pokemon you capture

You can play any Pokemon that you have captured in the game mode. It was also shown in the trailer, that if you are playing as one of the Pokemon you have captured then after that Pokemon does then you will be respawned as the original Pokemon you were playing as.

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