New Characters In The Fire Emblem Warriors In The New Three Hopes Trailers

The new game of the franchise fire emblem is known as Fire Emblem: Three Hopes. You should know that in this new version of the game the characters that we have seen in the previous Fire Emblem: Three Houses RPG are going to be featured a lot. 

A lot of those old characters will be there because those characters helped the franchise build a fan base for themselves and also those characters have become an integral part of the identity of the franchise. 

However, the game is marketed in a way and after seeing the trailer we can conclude that in the new version there will be a lot of new things happening. A new storyline will be there along with a lot of new characters. And the character that you will be playing with will no longer be Byleth.

The new characters that are most probably going to be there in the Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

Something you need to know before you know about the different characters that are going to be there in this game is that there are different storyline paths that you can take. 

The appearance of a lot of characters depends on which path you will be choosing in the game. 

But there are a handful of characters that will be appearing in the game no matter what the path of the storyline you choose to follow. So we are going to talk about the characters that will be appearing no depending on the path you choose. 

  • Shez

This is the code name used for the main protagonist of the storyline in the game. The main character will be chosen by the user. They will be able to customize the main character starting from gender to their appearance. 

And also the name will be given by the player of the game. This is the character whose main goal is to find and defeat Byleth for an unknown cause for now.

  • Byleth Eisner

In the last game which is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses RPG this was the character with which you played the game. In this game the story is quite different here this is the antagonist of the game’s storyline. 

It can be male or female as it will be chosen by the player of the game as per their wish.

  • Arval

This is the character that will not have much of a physical presence in the game. The main reason behind this is that Arval will sacrifice his own life by saving the main character Shez from Byleth. 

Now he talks to Shez in his head and shows his presence in the game.

  • Monica Von Ochs

She is a student at the Gareeg Mach Monastery. She went missing in the game as per the storyline. At first, Byleth thought that he saved this girl from the Death Knight and she has been successfully continuing her education. Abut turns out that it was an evil woman named Kronya pretending to be her. 

The fact of whether she is dead or alive is unknown till now.


There will be a lot more characters new and old that will be there in the game. We have just mentioned the main four surroundings which the main storyline will be continuing.

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