What Is The New Message In Animal Crossing Island

Hello, let us check what is the new message in your favorite game animal crossing island.

Gamers and the gaming community are often bombarded with surprising news that comes as both a shock and a relief to them.

In this fast-paced digital world, it is only natural that new updates and algorithm changes as well as changes in policies will not take a lot of time to come about.

However, once in a while, news related to a game or a production company turns out to be for neither the better nor the worse, but just incredibly amusing.

What is the recent news about animal crossing?

Reddit can be an interesting but dangerous platform. It often comes about as a rude shock with its revelations, and at other times the revelations are more, shall we say, confusing.

A gamer has recently taken to Reddit and caused a storm when they shared the discovery that Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island technically cannot be played beyond the year 2060.

They use reported that if you reach this date 38 years from now and still found having a similar affinity for this game, the software with not let you play any longer and will notify you with a message

“Please close the game from the HOME menu and restart after setting a date between the first January 2000 and 31st December 2060”

As one can imagine, this is the kind of notification that cannot cause much worry within the gaming community since all one has to do is reset the date to satisfy the software requirements. 

Why will the game not allow you to play beyond that date? Well, the surface-level answer to this question is that the game developers developed the game with only the next 60 years in mind since it was developed in 2001.

Continuation heavily depends on the success it has received, and the amount of success that animal crossing did receive could not be apprehended beforehand. With upcoming updates, it would be remarkably easy to let the dates continue well into the year 2061 and beyond.

However, this kind of situation can be used as a marketing strategy to enhance the audience experience as the animal crossing game will be a retro relic by that time.

Will animal crossing still be played in the year 2061?

History knows that future predictions are never rarely true. However, an informed guess may tell you that the increasing popularity of video games and their diffusion into mainstream media and entertainment options does point towards the fact that all-time favorite games like animal crossing will continue to be popular, if only because of their vintage quality, in many decades to come. 

In the last 20 years, it has had five major entries, so it can be safely concluded that if the game retains its viability, further updates will come.

Other users have commented on the possibility that we might be blessed with a brand new animal crossing game in the year 2061.

Now that is something to look forward to, isn’t it? Other gamers have reported that originally the last accepted date on the game was new year’s Eve of 2030. 

At the very least, this little uproar has caught the attention of several people who are blissfully aware of the animal crossing: New horizons Island and Nintendo might celebrate a striking rise in players very soon.


The jokes that have spun out of this little incident are endless and come to show the wit of the collective internet.

No, the world is not going to end in 2061, however, the rising sea levels might just mean that a few islands disappear underwater. Haha, that was just a little attempt at a joke from our side, because it is scary to see firsthand how quickly the world can change.

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