Ninja Stealth Has Been Made Free For Limited Time

There is wonderful news for all the gamers. People who have heard about the game – Ninja Stealth are now really overjoyed. 

This game was previously a paid one but now, the developers of this game have made this free for a certain period to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the game.

If you are excited to play the game for free, then keep on reading to know the process. 

Reasons behind Making this Game available for Free

Although this game has been made free of cost, people using a PC only have a limited time for downloading.

The time limit which has been set by the developers – SC Jogos has made the game free to download till the 13th of June, 7:00 AM. The actual cost of the game is $4.99 on Steam. 

The proper reason behind making this game free has not been revealed yet but assumptions are made that it is because of the 6th anniversary that the game is celebrating this year. This game has accumulated 651 reviews from users on Steam.

This is a decent amount. It has also had 73 percent of positive user reviews since its release on 4th June 2016 which has provided it a “Mostly Positive” Steam User Review Rating.

A Little Description of the Game      

You can give this game a try if you like exciting games that do not require a high hardware spec. This game includes a lot of strategies but is a casual game indeed.

In this game, you will have only one job, that is, to help the protagonist escape from the guards and the evil. You need to hide like a ninja in the shadows

How to Get this Game for Free?               

The deadline has been set by the developers. You need to claim this offer within 7 AM of 13th June 2022. If you are having trouble getting the game, follow the steps below.

  • You need to have a Steam Account first before you download the game. Log into your account if you have it already or create a new one if you do not have a steam account.
  • Go to the “Ninja Stealth” page on Steam.
  • Then you need to click on the “Add to Account” button and then you will have the game added to your Steam Account.

Yes, that is all you need to do to claim and make use of this free offer that is available. It is no rocket science if you wish to get this game. Just follow the easy steps and add this game to your Steam account.

Effect of this Game made Free

This offer is given by SC Jogos basically points out that many other games by them are available at a discounted price so that they may get better promotions.

In the maximum number of cases, free game giveaways are time-limited events rather than keeping them permanent.


This is a wonderful opportunity for all game lovers. A game that costs around $5 has been made completely free. So just go steam and claim this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity without any further delay.

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