Facts To Know About Pubg Among Us Gun

Are you a gamer? Or a Pubg lover? Confused about the recent collaboration of Pubg and Among Us? Want to know about the Pubg Among Us Gun and its features?

If you have such kinds of questions in your mind then you are surely on the right platform. Here, through this article, we will try to answer all your questions and solve your perplexities regarding Among Us Gun.

The union of these two very popular games has left many people with doubts. The collaboration of PUBG along with Among Us game was focused to offer greater features to the players. 

Thus, we will view the essential details of the Gun that is been in the news as well as questioned by numerous United States gamers. 

Pubg Among us gun

This is one of the popular collaborations and many gamers are appreciative and happy with this collaboration.

The players got an option to explore more, as well as gaming chances, are extended to the gamers.

Well, let’s also know the recent updates and the perks of this new deal. Well, people also want to know the updates and benefits of the new deal.

As per the recent updates and news,  the collaboration between the famous yet lovable game Pubg and Among Us has provided gamers with a brand new and exciting gaming opportunity.

This new game has come with the “mini-game” features and it also provides new costumes and weapons, as well as most importantly guns for gaming purposes.

The “0.9.30” updated version will offer new areas to expand in the game. The latest updated version will also give gamers a speedy game. However, gamers can also use more updated vehicles for the game.

Pubg Among Us Gun- let’s understand the weapons and the new update in the weapons:

pubg among us gun

This will help the players to get to know about the new types of weapons and rifles inside the Pubg among us the gun game.

DSR 1- The DSR 1 is newly updated and has been customized with the Flash Tank. Pubg Among Us Gun has put the latest update on this that will maximize the strength of the weapons.

Along with this, the players will get a chance to find the Crossbow. It is mainly a magnetic bomb that attaches to metal particulars and has the capability to explode within five seconds.

MCX- This rifle is used mainly for severe damage and has 5.56 mm rounds that’s why it is good for severe damage.

It can be easily customized and is also termed a personal rifle for that reason. This gun can give out high-fire flames that possess the strength to destroy the enemy line.

As per the new update on the weapons section :

  • Grenade Launcher- the Beryl M762 as well as M416. 
  • Deca Vision (10x)- This can be combined with any type of rifle and the gamers add this to any rifle to enhance 6 times the result.

The other types of rifles include –

ACE32, QBZ95, Groza, AKM, SCAR-L, AUG A3, MK 12, ABU, and SKS.


They offer a Gun that looks very attractive. The gun is red colored and has an elongated handle.

It also allows the players to upgrade the gun at the end of certain levels, which makes the gun different from other guns as well as very efficient in battling opponents in-game.

A brief explanation of the Pubg Among Us game:

pubg among us gun

Here, the players can play The Sting of Betrayal game mode before coming to the real battle over Trio.

As well gamers if they wish can join certain events to grab exclusive items such as backpacks, costumes, special props, masks, etc.

 The players of PUBG New State mobile can easily access and complete different unique missions in order to gain or avail of free Among Us-themed rewards like frames, icons, and more. These will be added to the after finishing the missions to the players’ inventory.

For the new players or the starters, they can get into a mini-game when they jump into a match on Troi.

This will help the starters to know about the actual game as the mini-game will be available to play before the actual match starts.

If you are new to games or you have not yet played the Pubg Among Us Gun then you might not know about the differences between this type of gun and others.

This gun has various advantages unlike other similar firearms, including increased firepower.

Experience of The Sting of Betrayal of Among Us on Troi’s Starting Island:

As mentioned above players will get the opportunity or will be able to take part in a themed mini-game before the start of a match on Troi. It is mainly based on the core mechanics of Among Us.

  • So when squads enter the Starting Island, they will get the chance to play a quick game of Among Us before the start of an actual game.
  • One of the members of the squad will be randomly assigned as the Impostor while the other participants can try to avoid getting killed by the Impostor.
  • The Impostor is free to use weapons to eliminate squad members during the mini-game.

What are the customization options?

PUBG allows the players to customize the upper layer or skin of the weapon. You can buy customization kits also to make your weapon look as per your choice or add more features to your weapon. Putting different skins as per your style of play is a great option for gamers.

This offer for the players to get a skin for various weapons from the in-game store of PUBG New State is incredible.

Further, there are also a few Among Us-themed hit effects, loot boxes, kill feeds, and other forms of in-game cosmetics.

The New State Mobile Game Of Pubg-

pubg among us gun

In this game, 100 participants are allowed to take part and play. They have to survive on Troi Island, according to recent news sources.

The island gets set to be in 2051 year around the northern United States region accompanied by modernized buildings, statues, structures, etc.

The events that players can take part in the new collaboration i.e the Pubg Among Us Gun: let’s know more about the events that a gamer can take part

  • Dress to Kill – This event is amazing as it will allow the players to purchase various Among Us-themed in-game items like backpacks, masks, costumes, and more
  • Props –  props are yet another event like before the beginning of the Among Us match on the Starting Island, players can collect props that are strewn around the place.
  • Rewards – lastly the most attractive thing is that this collaboration will provide the opportunity for the players to gain rewards like Among Us-themed icons, titles, and frames once they finish a set of assigned missions. Players can even use such rewards to make their profile more alluring.

Conclusion :

This was all about this astonishing fusion of the Pubg and Among Us Gun. Thus, we can conclude this collaboration is quite alluring and the game allows 100 participants and gives them the chance to participate in events.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the collaboration or what is the Deal? 

The collaboration was unexpected and left the Fortnite lovers astonished after PUBG New State declared the collaboration with the popular name in the gaming industry the Among Us. Among Us has gained huge popularity, especially during the pandemic last year as well as did not fail to take over the streaming scene.

Well, Epic Games was well-known for its conviction in securing collaborations, but after the Pubg Among Us Gun union it seems that for the first time, PUBG New State has defeated Epic Games in a competition to get the partnership first.

What is the new state mobile of Pubg?

The NEW STATE Mobile that was formerly known as PUBG: new State is a very interesting multiplayer online battle royale and popular video game. This was the second addition to the PUBG Universe, other than the PUBG: Battlegrounds and its mobile version.
This was developed by PUBG Studios and Krafton published it. Officially, the game was released on 11th November 2021, only on iOS as well as Android through the Samsung Galaxy Store, App Store (iOS/iPadOS), and Google 7Play. During the first season of the game, Krafton collaborated with the Croatian car manufacturer.  Furthermore, The NEW STATE Mobile collaborated with McLaren in March 2022 and then with Among Us in April 2022.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game that was developed as well as published by American game studio Innersloth. Among us was formed by taking inspiration from the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing.
It is an online multiplayer game for four to fifteen players earlier it was four to ten players, though it is suggested for at least five. Randomly up to three players are selected to be the Impostor(s) in each round. In the year 2021, a round can take place on one of the four maps: a spaceship known as”The Skeld”; a headquarters building called “MIRA HQ”; a planet base known as”Polus”; or an airship based on Innersloth’s Henry Stickmin series named “The Airship”.

Who is the creator of Among Us?

The person creating Among Us was Innersloth. It is well-known now how popular this multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal formed is.
Innersloth is mainly a small independent game studio that is known among the people for creating Among Us and The Henry Stickmin Collection. This game studio was founded by Forest Willard and Marcus Bromander in the year 2015. They aimed to make the games that they wanted and wished gamers would like to play them. The game received various awards and global press coverage as well as it has millions of downloads. We can say this game by Innersloth was a hit.

What is the KRAFTON, Inc.?

KRAFTON, Inc. is an independent game development studio, it is basically a collection of Studios that are united for the purpose of creating innovative as well as interesting entertainment experiences for game lovers across the world. The company includes PUBG Studios, Bluehole Studio, Striking Distance Studios, RisingWings, Dreamotion, Unknown Worlds, and 5minlab, and not to mention each of them has its own unique expertise.

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