Refuel Process In Star Citizen

Star Citizen has become one of the top fantasy action games in the online gaming community now. The growth in the player base of the game is unbelievable as the popularity of the game is growing exponentially. 

The game is about players driving a ship and taking fights against other players in the air. The concept of the game is executed to perfection and that is the reason that players love the game so much and so many players are trying the game for themselves. 

There are many aspects of the ship like how to control it and how to shoot an opponent but the main topic today is how you refuel your ship when it is going to run out of fuel in the game. 

Many players face problems while refueling and hence we picked this particular aspect to talk about.

How to refuel and repair your ship in Refuel Process In Star Citizen?

Refueling is very important to know as it is the only thing that will keep your ship floating in the galaxy.

And repair is something that you need to do to your ship after an intense fight. These are the important things and how to do them is even more important. 

First, you need to have fuels and repairs purchased to do the process. You can purchase fuels and repairs for your ship in the game by opening the mobiGlas and selecting the maintenance icon there you can find options to buy fuel and repairs. 

The most probable pads that will provide you with this service are the busiest ones at the main centers such as Area 18 spaceport, Lorville, and other places like that.

The things to make sure that you get the service

There are certain things that you need to ensure before availing of these services yourself. The things are as follows:

  • You should be sitting inside your ship while availing of your services.
  • Your ship should be on power that is the ship should be in flight-ready mode. You can switch this mode on by pressing R.
  • Open the mobiGlas by pressing F1 on your keyboard.
  • The maintenance (wrench) icon is then to be selected which is available at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on all the items that you want in the maintenance wrench section and click on confirm.

The importance of refueling is beyond imagination. To travel from planet to planet you will need it much more than any other thing. 

You can also get refueling services at the rest stops that are scattered between the planets as they are the best bet while traveling from one planet to another and are also easily available. But you might not get all the things you want there.

If your icons indicate that the items are not available then there is a very high chance that it is a glitch or technical problem in the game.

You can fix this technical problem by trying the process again. Turn your engines off and then try the process again.


These are the things that you need to keep in mind while refueling your ship in Star Citizen.

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