Rumors On Sly Cooper 5 Is Real Or Fake?

You probably have heard the leaks about the game Sly Cooper 5 before and now it has again happened. This time the leaks came from a very credible source and it was revealed by the source on Twitter. The fact that the leaks are coming from such a reliable source makes it very hard for people to ignore such news anymore. 

This is the third time that leaks are coming and now it is time that we talk about them in detail. Before we get into the rumors that are circulating among the people, we need to acknowledge that these rumors are a sign that Sly Cooper 5 is real and very soon it will be happening.

About the leaks on Sly Cooper 5

As we have already mentioned that there have been a lot of leaks about the game, in this segment each of the leaks will be talked about in brief so that you can get the idea of the game and how it will be. 

The reveal date

Nick Baker a few days ago revealed something on his Twitter himself. It was revealed by him that the game Sly Copper 5 has indeed been going through development processes since the summer of 2022. He also said that he assumes that the development of the game will be complete soon and according to him players will be able to play the game around Mid of 2022.

A new character was added

Most probably but not sure about this. It is believed by many fans that the developer of the game will be adding a new character to the game in this new version. Most likely if the refill is the addition of a new character or many new characters then be sure that one of the characters who will be added new will have the name Kawai Uzukami. 

The other questions that the fans got

After all these leaks many questions have been circulating among the fans of the franchise. The question is whether the new game that is being developed will be named Sly Cooper 5 or has the developers decided to rebrand the franchise with a different name. And in the process tries to give fans the vibe of a new game with a very unique and new kind of experience. 

There are questions regarding the addition of new characters too, what will be the special abilities of the characters, what will be the back story, ad the type of character it will be. Be patient for a while and the time will come when the official announcement will come. 

Till then we can only hope for the best and hope that the development of the game will be complete and that players would be able to play it and experience the game in a new way from the mid of 2022. It has got a lot of people waiting for it and if you are one of them then we had to say just hope for the best.


So, these are all the details about the rumors that have been circulating among the fans of the gaming franchise. Honestly, we think that the game will be a banger.

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