Here Are Some Leaks From Destiny 2 Season 17

Destiny 2 has been talked about a lot by people all around the world. Most particularly the talks are around the new season that is going to be released soon. That is season 17 of the show. 

This has been happening because of the secretiveness of Bungie and also there are certain leaks about the season and these leaks have the potential to give out the possible name of season 17 of Destiny 2.

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Recently Leaked Destiny 2’s Season 17 names explained

The witch queen that was previously released by the franchise Destiny 2 was arguably the most effective and popular season that the franchise has ever seen.

It was a very successful release with all the fans loving it. This release is the biggest in the franchise we say because it was able to surpass the monumental performances of The Taken Knight and Forsaken

This height was achieved because of the compelling and unique campaign storyline that was set here. Players had to roam around and explore different places. These places were very dangerous and in exploring these places you uncover some magical items. 

And after that uncovering the item which was, in reality, unsettling the truth as per the logic of the game. This changed the course of history and the universe in the past, the present, and also the future things that are supposed to come our way. 

So, this Witch Queen of Destiny 2 came with a new season that is the Season of the Risen. This surpassed the expectations of all the fans of the franchise. The players were overwhelmed as they came in with the experience of the Shadowkeep’s Season of the Undying and another one is Beyond Light’s Season of the hunt. 

Now as the Season of the Risen is about to end in a few days it is time to release season 17 for the franchise. There is no prior announcement about the season though. No trailer has also been released by the franchise. This makes the player wonder what is there in store for them in season 17 of the franchise. 

Whenever the officials are asked about it they do not reveal anything about what the season would be based on. They just refer to it as a wholly unique experience for the players. So the players of the game are totally in the dark. Out of curiosity some of the fans started digging in with the hope of getting some clues about what the next season might be about. 

One of the fans got a leaked photo as claimed by him and then he shared it on Twitter with the whole world. The picture gives the clue that the next season might be around a zombie-based world. The tweet included that the name of season 17 of the Destiny 2 might be the Season of the Haunted.


That is all which has been leaked till now about Destiny 2’s Season 17. There is no more information about it and the claims made are all assumptions and not guaranteed statements from the fan himself.

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