Splitgate: 5 Quick Tips To Help You Get Started

Splitgate is a first-person shooter video game with sci-fi features inspired by the popular Hall video game. Splitgate saw an initial testing date in 2019, with Linux and Windows on Steam getting the first view of the game. Subsequently, in 2021, Xbox and PS4 players finally got their hands on the game.

The game features portal droids armed with different weapons, including futuristic artillery, and forced to battle it to death in the arena. 

One of the first things a new player noticed about its speed. The game moves fast, especially for new players who are used to playing slower-paced first-person shooter games.

The game saw a quick adoption with over 600,000 downloads within the first week of its release. Players wanted to get a taste of the exciting game. 

However, the speed and intensity of the game make it challenging for new players to grasp the game. Getting guidance on how to get started without looking like a total newbie will take many new players above tons of others.

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5 Quick Tips to Help You Get Started with Splitgage

Here is a piece that shows quick tips to help new players get started on Splitgate. These tips bring the main things to know when playing the game. 

  1. Embrace Portals

Portals are exciting and helpful, but it seems many people neglect their usefulness. 

Embrace the possibilities portals bring to enjoy a better gaming experience. Portals create a hole that allows players to move from one area to another. Players can return to safety in the heat of the moment when they have portals in place.

To open a portal, fire one portal on a wall in the first location and the second portal on a wall, ceiling, or floor in the second location. A tunnel between the two points will appear. 

Often, smart players like to fire one of the portals in the arena so they can quickly return to the safety of their enclave when it gets tough. Also, keep track of all the portals to avoid replacing your escape route and being left stranded.

  1. Headshots are Key

Like most first-person shooter games, headshots are vital to annihilate enemies quickly. Headshots become even more important in Splitgate due to the game’s pace. A plan can hardly afford the time and extra ammunition required when shooting the lower parts of enemy bodies. 

Keep your aim high, so it gets easier to get headshots away and kill your enemies. As a result, the user will use less ammunition and move around faster.

  1. Strafing can be Slow

While general movement and gaming activities move pretty quickly in the game, moving sideways or strafing is slow compared to the others. 

Switching while turning may be impossible and may require you to do one of it first before the other. This process is time-consuming and leaves you exposed to attacks. 

Setting up to avoid strafing as much as possible will save you a lot of time. Instead, use the camera to get better placement and limit the need to turn sideways.

  1. Camping is Dangerous

While it may seem like a good idea to place portals that allow you to get clear shots on enemies in different areas, it also means enemies can fire at you through your portal. 

It gets even more challenging for users who have several camping portals in the same position. More than a single camping portal exposes players to simultaneous attacks from different locations.

  1. Close Portals

Opening portals are essential in Splitgate, and so are closing portals. 

You can use your portals and enemy portals, albeit in different ways. Memorize two extra key binds and develop the muscle memory to quickly close these portals when enemies attack you from that tunnel. 

Closing enemy portals doesn’t require as much tact as closing your portals. Enemies can create portals close to you and use them to shoot you or even reach your location. 

Quickly closing their portals can save your life. Use the EMP grenades in your possession to close one end of enemy portals. Ensure to pick up more grenades as you play the game to give you an edge on enemy portals.


Splitgate is exciting and quick, so you need a quick understanding of the game as a new player. However, it shares similar gaming styles to other first-person shooter games, so players with previous experiences with other FPS games would find it easier. There are also special tricks that Splitgate users should learn to get ahead quickly.

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