State Of Decay 2 Traits: Detail Guide For The Best Traits

State of Decay 2 is an amazing survival video game. The game features various unique characters. There are thousands of State of Decay 2 traits that can be availed by the survivor.

These traits are both positive as well as negative, and each of them affects the gameplay in a certain way.

In this article, we will discuss some state of decay 2 best traits featured in the game. 

Although the game keeps updating its features but the state of decay traits should be considered by the fan base to be the best a survivor can receive.

Infectious energy 

As soon as a player enters the game he will realize the need for Influencing power. Inside the game, they need to Influence a variety of things.

Almost everything from buying outposts to using radio calls will consume varying amounts of Influence. 

Infectious energy comes under the category of one of the best ‘ states of decay 2 traits’. It is vital to have Influenced as quickly as possible.

Survivors with the Infectious Energy trait have the following benefits –

Effect of the trait: +15% Influence Gained+50% Facility Action Speed

This helps the survivors quickly gain Influence while they are performing various actions. They also allow the game players to pump out resources at a much faster rate. 

Thus if a survivor gets this trait at an early this can be a major boost to reaching the mid-game sooner.

Officer Material

state of decay 2 traits

Effects of the trait: +50% Wits Experience Rate as well as +6 Morale.

Survivors of the game with the ‘Officer Material’ state of decay 2 traits become great recruits because they level up their Wits skill twice as fast as everyone else.

This trait allows the players to excel at all of the game’s abilities that have to do with scavenging as well as stealth.

One of the best things about this trait is, these characters also give a boost to the overall morale of your home base.

This indicates that your community stays happy, and there are very less chances of anyone starting fights or leaving on their own. 

Survivors can also use this boost in morale to offset the loss provided by other base members.

Blood Plague Survivor

The survivors are required to take all the necessary steps to keep themselves and others from getting infected. As, in the gameplay, you will get flesh-eating monsters transformed by a highly infectious virus.

Since the infection gives a number of negative effects that will only make the game that much harder for you.

For that, the trait state of decay 2 the ‘Blood Plague Survivor‘ should be taken by the survivors.

Here are the benefits of the trait :

state of decay 2 traits

-100% Plague Infection

With this thing, you do not need to worry about getting infected or being caught off-guard by some rogue zombie that decided to attack or bite you while you pick the herbs.


Effects of unbreakable trait:  +45 Maximum Health and -100% Injury Chance.

In this game most of the characters are built in such a manner that they cannot take a lot of damage, one can feel this, especially during the starting hours.

The zombies attack very fast and hard, and being outnumbered is a death sentence. But a survivor who has the ‘Unbreakable’ state of decay 2 traits is much more stronger and resilient than your average playable character due to their high health points and immunity to injuries.

They can survive in such circumstances where others cannot, so they should always be your first priority whenever you are choosing a character for combat purposes.

Well, if you are fortunate enough to find someone with this trait at the start of the game, recruit them as soon as possible.


Effects of the trait: -50% Food Consumption Per Day.

It is a very basic and common thing that we all know that food is a vital resource in State of Decay 2 just like in our life. 

In fact, in the game, you have to spend a significant amount of time making sure that your base is stocked up with enough food to feed all of the characters inside of it.

Thus we can say this seems like a simple thing, but having a survivor that eats half as much food as everyone else is a beneficial trait to have.

 This basically reduces the amount of food you need while also making sure that you do not suffer from the loss of morale resulting from an insufficient amount.

Red Talon Operative

Red talon operative effects:

 –95% Durability Loss / Hit, +60 Maximum Carrying Capacity, and -100% Fatigue Severity.

Both melee and ranged weapons break quite often in State of Decay 2, as well as they have got repaired or replaced quite regularly. 

But a character with the ‘Red Talon Operative’ trait rarely has anything to worry about as they negate 95% of the durability loss.

They also have an astounding 60 extra carrying capacity, which allows them to hold more items on them than any typical survivor.

 Finally, they do not suffer from any fatigue. They can keep running almost indefinitely without feeling the effects of losing their stamina meter.

Keeps Hidden Pouches

state of decay 2 traits

Effects of the trait: +10 Light Carrying Capacity, +10 Max Carrying Capacity, and +1 Max Consumable Stack.

Gamers continuously have to take trips outside the safety and comfort of their home base in order to get resources essential for the entire community’s survival.

Since the world is filled with murderous humans and flesh-eating zombies, you always want each of your risky expeditions to end with a good result.

With the state of decaying 2 traits ‘Keeps Hidden Pouches’, not only can a character hold a lot more items in their inventory, but they can also carry a lot more weight than average. 

Further, they can also carry an additional stack of consumables.

Sleeps on the ground 

Effects of the trait: -1 Beds Used along with  Morale Bonus From Outdoor Bed Facilities.

Whenever you build a new base, one of the most important matters that you have to address is a lack of space for sleeping.

If one fails to get a solution to this matter then this can result in a significant loss of morale within the entire community.

But if you have anyone who has the ‘Sleep on the Ground’ state of decay 2 traits, then you do not have to worry about that person as they do not need a bed. 

This trait is great because beds are often constructed in sets of 2 or 4, and you get only a limited number of slots available to build on. 

So if you get a survivor with this trait, you can recruit them without any doubt about the penalty.

And if this was not enough, additionally survivors having this trait can also gain a morale boost from Outdoor Beds in your base without even using them.

Highly Responsible

state of decay 2 traits

Trait’s Effects: +1 Labor as well as +25% Standing Rewards.

If you wish to build facilities in your base you need labor, and each survivor within your community will count as one point of labor. 

But unlike most other characters, survivors with the ‘Highly Responsible’ trait count as two points of labor so that they are able to do twice the amount of work.

Further, there is yet another benefit as they also gain a 25% bonus to all of the standing rewards they gain, enabling them to climb up the community standing ranks much faster.


Among various State Of Decay 2 traits, it has an Immortal trait. As the game presents a world where safety is not a guaranteed thing here, even one mistake can cost you your life.

 A vital part of the game is the exploration and you never know when your scavenging may attract a roving pack of zombies that will not waste a minute to make a beeline for your jugular. 

For this reason, you have to do everything you can to protect yourself.

This  Immortal trait can help with this by providing the following advantages:

-40% Injury Severity, +45 Max Health

This trait gives a nice buffer for your health as well as a physical condition which is useful in both exploring and combat since it will minimize the negative and harmful impact of any damage you take. 


The survivors who are able to bring in extra resources, mainly those who possess the trait Keeps Hidden Pouches.

It becomes very important to have somewhere to keep the resources. As we know every base has a limited amount of space to keep things and going over that limit will result in lost resources.

The Quartermaster trait in state of decay 2 is all about doing more with less, evidenced by the following benefits:

+5 Max Materials Storage, +5 Max Fuel Storage, and +5 Max Ammo Storage

One of those survivors who have this handy trait is the Red Talon Contractors.

They even cost valuable Prestige Points but it is sure that they will earn more than their keep and will result in making survival much easier.


Well, this was all about the best State of Decay 2 Traits. Each survivor has a kind of trait, the article provides the details of the benefits each trait gives.

We hope this guide relating to the traits will be helpful to get the best survivors.

Frequently asked questions

What does trait (state of decay 2) mean?

Survivor has some kind of Traits in the game. They determine the survivor’s personality, make them different from others as well as provide a brief background about their pre-Outbreak life. 
Some of the Traits are simply flavored text, while others can give your survivors positive or negative effects. They can even affect your survivors’ Core abilities or provide them with different Community or Quirk abilities or skills. 
Most of the Traits also have an additional or hero bonus tied to it, determining which Hero Bonuses your survivor can get upon generation.
In the game by default, each character has one to four traits out of a pool of other 1400 available ones.

What is Eats Like A Bird trait state of decay 2?

Food is essential yet can be a tricky aspect of State of Decay 2.
 It is something many players would rather not think about or ignore and often causes pain that only comes up when players have better things to do.
Nevertheless, with this Eats Like A Bird trait, survivors will be able to consume a little bit less food than the average person. 
50% is a large amount and will boost the players in their resources, and time, as well as the effort which can be put into scavenging or simply making a stock of the food already available, in order to allow it to stretch a little further.

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