Stellaris Martial Alliance: Powerful Features And Uses

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Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Development Studio, published by Paradox Interactive, and designed by Henrik Fahraeus, Daniel Moregard, Joakim Andreasson, and Johan Andersson.

It allows you to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. The players of the game start from one single planet and get to discover and conquer the entire galaxy.

This game is pausable. In Stellaris, you can form federations which are mainly a group of empires that comes together for mutual benefit.

We can say a federation is a more involved version of a Defence Pact that has its own set of rules and laws.

Stellaris martial alliance

This is a type of federation that has the ideals of coordination and military power.

The empire willing to form an alliance must be either a Militarist or Fanatic Militarist (ethic) to join. From the player’s point of view, it is what every Federation in Stellaris should be.

This alliance has power and large fleets and is a great way to increase or improve one’s military power.  

This type of federation earns 100 in army and ship starting experience, they have the capability to build fleets 25 percent faster than they normally could, as well as, gain 50 Intel between them.

The Alliance can build your ships faster and help to come out of dry-dock stronger otherwise that they cannot.

Apart from Galactic Union Martial Alliance is the only federation that gives many significant benefits or bonuses to your fleets when you are in a fight with the Galactic threats.

This Federation attain maximum capacity for the Federation fleet faster than any other type of federation.

In what the Stellaris Martial Alliances is best for :

Stellaris martial alliance
  1. This Federation is conquest-focused so that they do not exclude the possibility of preparing for difficult military challenges like an early Crisis that you are not able to face alone as well as cannot rely on tech or economy to fight.
  2. This alliance ensures your national security in such a situation where you and your allies are tiny and completely surrounded by enemies. This helps to create with the minimum possible effort a formidable military power.
  3. This can maximize the strength along with maneuverability of your fleets during creating wars of expansion cheaper to wage.

In Joint Military Exercises – 

The Stellaris Martial Alliance has the objective of a federation-wide fleet exercise. Those members that agree to gain a temporary +50 opinion with the president and those members that do not agree to gain a -50 opinion with the president.

In case more than half of the members disagree, the federation will lose 100 cohesion along with that the president will lose 50 influence.

When at least half of the members agree, the members that agreed and the president are provided with a location in the Situation in which they are required to reach with a fleet of at least 15 ships.

After each member reaches the location, a hostile fleet of 5-9 ships will appear and are needed to be defeated within 30 days. The project is completed only after the fleet is defeated.

In the situation, where all members participated the federation will gain +100 cohesion and each member will gain a +15 percent fire rate for 25 years.

And if all members do not participate, the federation will gain +50 cohesion and each member that participated will gain a +15 percent fire rate for 25 years.

Perks of different levels in Stellaris Martial Alliance

Level one –  +100 Ship starting experience, +100 starting army experience, +25% shipbuilding speed, and +50 intel cap between members.

Level two – +25 percent Naval contribution effects can be gained, president modifiers will claim -10% influence cost as well as 10% ship speed in federation space.

Level three – +1 admiral level cap, 10% ship fire rate, and for president modifiers +1 available envoys.

Level four – +25 % Naval contribution effect, +25% damage to crisis ships can be claimed and president modifiers will get 10% federation fleet unity.

Level five – +25 % Naval contribution effect, +25% damage to crises ships that is the same as level four, and president modifiers will have +10% Diplomatic weight.

Let’s go through the other types of federations in brief:

Stellaris martial alliance

Galactic Union federation –

this Federation focuses on unity and diplomacy that helps in uniting various numbers of nations having a wide range of governing.

If a player wants a play-through where he unites the galaxy in peace and harmony, this will also lead your galaxy in standing firm against those who are against the progress and the unity you bring.

Galactic Union can be used for Unity-focused goals or friendly runs where the main target is to team up to take down stronger enemies.

This type of federation can be good for diplomatic situations where teaming various nations with opposing or differing ideals is needed for success.

Hegemony –

This is mainly for the one who does not have that much patience for the pretense of “equality”. Hegemony gives very few benefits to its members and all the perks and powers are passed to the leader.

This Federation begins by giving permanent leadership to its strongest nation as its permanent leader (till they are either unseated or dethroned) and members are not allowed to leave without a war of secession.

Hegemony is best for: you can use this Federation to assert your own dominance over a lesser nation.

It can be also used to maximize your nation’s power by political or diplomatic means by using other nations  and spreading your empire’s sphere of influence without even managing all the associated territories

Research Cooperative Federation –

This is a type of federation suitable for the compulsive who does not like flying through the tech trees like the Crisis is going to show up in 50 years.

This federation can easily boost its member state’s research abilities in such a way that is both easy and difficult to measure.

In the beginning, the Research agreements between all member states are automatic as well as free.

By using this Federation you can also have flat bonuses to research, along with the buffs to the situational bonuses offered by research agreements.

Research Cooperatives are can be great for the following:  this Federation can be suitable to scale up your economy in the late game with Megastructures.

For the tech rushers who want to reach  Megastructures by 2235 and for tech progression so that your team of nations gets some technology progress and the leader drags the others along.

Trade League –

Trade league is basically a playstyle we can say rather than a federation. The trade policy of this Federation is available to all member states and under this policy, you will gain Consumer Goods per unit of Trade value along with the unity.

Trade Leagues are perfect for the following use:  this Federation can be used by the Wealth-focused empires who want to use the pure economy to defeat every obstacle and the tech-rushing empires, for providing compensation for the weaknesses of your empire.


Stellaris martial alliance

What is the pro and con of federation?

There is one huge benefit for Federations that is they will have a Federation fleet and this fleet should be designed by the Federation President if the Federation laws are not changed. The negative point is that this fleet can be only designed by one person that is the president even if the Federation president is an AI empire, then most probably the AI will design them. AI usually does not make the best fleet designs, therefore we can say it is a con.

What are the types of federations?

So the game has five types of federations – Stellaris martial alliance, Galactic union, trade league, research cooperative, and Hegemony. You should know that you can change the at any time just by clicking on the federation type icon and it is noted that changing the federation type will take the federation level to 1.

How Stellaris federations can be formed?

Ans) A federation can only be created in any one of four ways: if there is an empire that takes the federation tradition from the Diplomacy tree can form a Federation with another empire, an empire that has an origin that starts them in a federation, a war against the Galactic Imperium, or during the late game “War in Heaven,” that is the strongest empire in the galaxy will get an opportunity to form a League of Non Aligned powers, even if that strongest empire does not have the Federation and the empires that have the Barbaric Despoilers civic will be able to create only a Martial Alliance or Hegemony federation. The type of federation will determine the benefits at each level.

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