Street Fighter 2 Can Be Downloaded Free For PlayStation, Xbox, And Nintendo Switch

Talking about the all-time classics has always been a treat for us. Today we are going to talk about one such game that gave the particular genre of the game the hype it needed and the fan following that was created for the particular genre. 

So here is the fighting game franchise that we know since our childhood as Street Fighter. We bring to you great news for all the gamers out there and stay with us. We will be talking about how you can experience this classic game now. 

Let us not waste any time and jump right into this discussion about the particular game Street Fighter 2.

The great news for you

There are a lot of great things that have been happening in the gaming industry and those things have led to the thing that we are going to talk about today. 

The main news is that people who have a PS4, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are a hell lot of lucky. On CapCom it was announced that the users of these particular platforms have a new free game for them to download. 

The game we are talking about is Street Fighter 2. The 90s classic because of which many of us were revealed to what games are and what a great fighting game looks like is shown to us by this game. 

Before Street Fighter 2 was free to download for people there was only one game that was free to download. The game was the 1943- The Battle Of Midway. 

A great game also but Street Fighter 2 is free for download has made a lot of hype in the community as we will be able to experience the great game for free now and not to mention relive all the memories that we have had with the game since all of our childhood.

Which version of the game can be downloaded for free?

The version of Street Fighter 2 that we are talking about being downloaded for free is the original arcade version which is the 90s classic. Many things have led to this thing happening. 

The Japanese giants recently announced a new game named Street Fighter 6 to be released which is under the banner of the Street Fighter franchise. We are also looking out for how that game is going to be but the main topic is Street Fighter 2 being free. 

This is a great opportunity for new gamers or teenagers to know why the people who were born before them love this game so much. They can just download it for free and see that it was possible to release a game of that caliber even in the 90s. 

They can also have the experience of the game that made the action genre of games popular to the people and know where it all started.


This is all we have to say about the Street Fighter classic being free now on the CapCom collection. We hope you will download it and enjoy the game just like everyone does.

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