Streets Of Rage 4 Is Available For IOS And Android

Streets of Rage 4, the name itself brings back so many memories. One of the games that we all create memories in. We all have known the game for a long time now and with the memories that we have, we all can agree that we want to live those memories again. 

Here is great news for you and that great news is the thing that this article will be revolving around.

Honestly, you will be really happy to know what we are going to make you aware of now and we want you to read it till the end without skipping any part because we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed after knowing what it is.

What is the great news about Streets of Rage 4?

The great news about what we are going to talk about is what we all want. We can again live all the memories that we have in the game world of Streets of Rage 4 and the fun part about that we can experience those memories anywhere we go and it will be very easy. 

Carrying a PC is not possible and carrying a laptop is possible but it is a little problematic in certain situations. So the developers of the game Streets of Rage 4 have decided that they will be bringing the Streets of Rage 4 in a mobile version. 

This mobile version of the game will work both on iOS that is in the Apple mobile phones and it will also work on phones that use Android as their operating system. 

Where will you get the Streets of Rage 4 new mobile version which has already got released?

We are very happy to make you know about the fact that after a very long wait for the mobile version of the game Streets of Rage 4 it has finally come and is available on both the Android play store that is the Google Play Store and it is also available on the Apple App Store. 

It is a great game and you cannot download it for free from these two platforms. On both the platforms that are the play store and the App Store the game can be downloaded by paying an amount of 7.99 United States Dollars.

There were criticisms from many people because they feel that the developers should not be charging that high but according to many of the fans that the game on the mobile version is near perfect. 

There is hardly any place for improvement in the game be it the gameplay or anything else. So it is believed that if you pay the amount mentioned above for the game then there is hardly any chance that you will be disappointed.


The game was first introduced in the public eye with a great and intense trailer and many people thought that the trailer is overhyping the game but oh man that was not the case. We hope you will be playing the Streets of Rage 4 mobile version as soon as possible.

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