Super Zoo Is No More Similar To Stardew Valley

Star drew Valley is a legendary game. We hope that you too have heard of it. 

Not only because of the content of the game but also of the background it has. At first, when it was released the popularity of the game went so high that it became one of the biggest success stories for the indie games industry. 

And because of this major success, many other games were trying to pop out capitalizing on the concept of the Star drew Valley.

None of them reached the level of success that Stardrew Valley had and that is obvious, people will always prefer to see the original and unique idea of someone instead of playing the games that were copied and trying to capitalize on the situation. 

Today we are going to talk about one such game that the developers have said they are inspired by Stardrew Valley.

What is the dispute between Super Zoo and Stardrew Valley all about?

As we have already mentioned that many games tried to capitalize on the success of the game Stardrew Valley but there is one game that is also having the concept of Star drew Valley and it is still under development. 

The name of this game which is still under development and is yet to be released is called the Super Zoo. But this time it is not just the concept players have claimed and accused the developers of Super Zoo of something more serious. 

A little footage of the game the Super Zoo was released and it started the fire. In that footage, many people noticed that the game looks exactly like the game of Stardrew Valley.

The views of the game were so similar to Stardrew Valley that when some people who were not known to this dispute were actually identifying the footage from Super Zoo to be the footage of Stardrew Valley. 

Are the accusations of Super Zoo totally copying Stardrew Valley have some truth to them?

We need to break this thing down into categories to understand the whole thing and to know whether the accusations are actually correct or even partially correct. The categories to be seen are as follows:

  • Concept of the two games

When we are talking about the concept of the game we are going to talk about what the games are based on or focused on.

In the game, Star drew Valley the players were given a village where they had to set a farm and earn money from selling those products on the farm. 

On the other hand, in the super zoo, players have to run a zoo in an open-world setting. So, there is a very noticeable difference in the concept.

Star drew Valley is a farming simulation game but Super Zoo is an open-world zoo simulation game. So here there is no place for an accusation of a copy.

  • Graphics

Here is the place where we will see something that actually suggests that the super zoo has copied.

The aesthetic of both the games are very similar and there is no doubt that this was done intentionally to give players the vibe of Stardrew Valley and capitalize on the game’s popularity.


With the help of these two categories, we have mentioned whether there is any truth to the accusations against Super Zoo. Now it is up to you to decide whether it is a copy or not.

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