The Abilities Of Hornet In Hollow Knights

We all know about the Hollow Knight, right? But do you about Hornet in Hollow Knights? If not, then we are here to guide you. 

In the Hollow Knight, Hornet is a very challenging boss that is located in the north-western region of Greenpath. It is the first truly challenging boss that you will have to face and defeat in the game. 

It has a lot of quick attacks that are effective in both long and short ranges. Thus, do not be worried if you have to give a few attempts to learn her patterns. 

Abilities of Hornet in the Hollow Knight

The Hornet in Hollow Knights has three categories of abilities which includes Combat Abilities, Environmental Abilities, and Healing Abilities. You will need to know about all the abilities so that you can counter them and defeat her to move forward in the game.

Hornet’s Combat Abilities 

The first and very important ability of Hornet’s Combat Ability is the Classic Parry Ability. It is reminiscent of the Parry. 

With this ability, Hornet can bounce off obstacles that are very dangerous and propel herself upwards via her needle. 

Although this Parry Ability is used for deflecting some attacks and to perform an offensive move. Hornet in Hollow Knights not only uses the needle and silk for short-range melee weapons but also this kit allows her to be quick and diverse in her movement. 

The abilities of the Hornet are much more focused on aerial use. This allows her to move freely in the air and target any attacker.

Hornet’s Environmental Abilities 

This category of abilities includes the ability to wall jump, dash, and normal jump. Although the abilities that she possesses have been extended more than what the Knight was able to perform mechanically or combatively. 

The Hornet in Hollow Knights can dash quicker, run faster, and jump higher. She will be leaping into the air from time to time and slashing a damaging circle all around her. She can also dash diagonally while she is in the air. 

Also, Hornet can grapple towards objects and areas which are hard to reach using her thread. She does not have to rely on the Monarch Wings or Mothwing Cloak. 

Hornet’s Healing Ability 

The Hornet in Hollow Knights can heal while she is performing a move whereas the Knight had to stand in a place to regain health. 

Damage received from environmental hazards and enemies can be restored when we use the Blind Ability for which she has to consume a full spool of silk. The Knight does not need to use many souls to restore a Mask. 

This gives the players a chance to attack the enemies more aggressively so that they can fill the entire bar of silk.


If you conservatively fight against the Hornet in Hollow Knights, you will easily be able to defeat her. This will cause her to flee away and you will be able to loot up the body of her last victim. 

This will help you to score the very useful Mothwing Cloak which you can use in the future if you fall into any trouble.

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